Total Football by Alan Gibbons

Todays book review has been written by a young reader friend of mine. Alan Gibbons is an English author of children’s books.

Title of the book: Total Football – Some You Win

Author of the book: Alan Gibbons

What happens in the book: Kev and his friends are in a football team called the Rough Diamonds. When he takes over as captain, he pulls the team up from the bottom of the league, and makes them play to win……. Every match. But a boy called “Brain Damage” tries to stop Kev’s future!

What’s good about the book: I like the way the football matches are written, to make the reader more interested in what’s happening in the game. Also the chase scenes makes you feel that you are in the person’s shoes.

What’s bad about the book: At the end the book, they have just finished a quarter final cup match. I wanted to know how well the Rough Diamonds did in the other few rounds.