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Welcome to Day 12 of #RomancingSeptember

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Our guest today is Monica La Porta and her book The Lonely Wolf

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Where is your home town?


I’m originally from Rome, Italy, but I now live in Redmond, a small town in Washington State, in the US. Rome and Redmond have nothing in common, one is chaotic, colorful, and ancient, while the second is peaceful, green, and new. Yet, I love them both because they fulfill different needs I have.

How long have you been writing romance?


I have been writing love stories since 2009. Publishing a book was one of the items in my bucket list, and around that time I was reminded of how precarious life can be. I started writing one rainy morning and I haven’t stopped since.


What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?


Both paranormal and science fiction romance are my favorite, but throw in the midst a few dystopian and steampunk details and I’ll disappear with my kindle for days at a time.

This will be book six of your Immortal series, where are they set?


The Immortals series is set in nowadays Rome. Born and raised in the Eternal City, I’ve always wanted to read a paranormal/urban fantasy story with a Roman vibe, but I couldn’t find any, so I wrote The Lost Centurion. Several other characters came to life in that first book, and I’ve been slowly narrating their stories. The Lonely Wolf is the latest in the series, but I envisioned a seventh title for a certain warlock who keeps popping in my mind.

What species of immortals are involved in The Lonely Wolf?


Angels, werewolves, were-panthers, demons, warlocks, and vampires all have a role in The Lonely Wolf, but the main characters are the angel Ludwig, the werewolf Quintilius, and Quintilius’s son Lupo.

Rage simmers between the different clans, who or what tries to keep control?


Unbeknownst to humans, Rome is populated by several paranormal species, precariously coexisting under the hegemony of the Immortal Council. For millennia, vampires and angels have been fighting a subtle war for supremacy, using shifters to do their bidding. When Ludwig Barnes is elected as the new archangel, the Holy Nation is divided between his supporters and the ones who would like to see him demoted. The vampire Claudius sees in the angelic unrest an opportunity he can’t resist and allies himself with Ludwig’s haters.

Tell us about the love interests in the book.


The Lonely Wolf is centered on two forbidden love stories, and the reunion between a father and his estranged son. Ludwig and Quintilius have been in love with each other since the Roman times, but they have maintained their relationship secret because interspecies romance is still considered a taboo among wolves and angels, and it would destroy Ludwig’s career. Amidst a painful breakup with Ludwig, Quintilius discovers he has a son, Lupo, a young and misguided werewolf. External factors have kept them separated, and Lupo has been led to believe Quintilius doesn’t want to recognize him. While Quintilius struggles to gain his son’s affection, Lupo meets his soul mate, Jasmine, a were-panther belonging to the Purist clan. Although for Lupo and Jasmine is love at first scent, her clan would never consent to their union, and in fact he risks the death penalty for only looking at her. Will father and son find their happily-ever-after endings? One thing is for sure, they will have to fight until the very end of the book, and even beyond that…

Which is your favourite character in this book and why?


It is the first time I write a story with three main characters, and they all have very distinctive voices. Ludwig, Quintilius, and Lupo are all alpha males with an inner sense of justice, and their feelings run deep as well as their tempers. But Lupo is the cub among them, and I have a soft spot for him, because his youth and lack of experience will cause him the most suffering. In fact, his full name is Lupo Solis, which loosely translated from Latin means ‘the lonely wolf.’

Tell us what you are working on next.


I’m outlining Lupo’s own story in The Immortal Youth series, a YA spinoff from The Immortals. At the end of The Lonely Wolf, Lupo finds himself in a tight spot of his own making, and it will take a whole new book to narrate his adventure.

Where can readers find out more about you?

Monica La Porta






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Perfiditas by Alison Morton

Perfiditas (Roma Nova, #2)Perfiditas by Alison Morton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Perfiditas is book 2 in the Roma Nova series and is a mystery thriller. I really enjoyed book 1 Inceptio and the concept of the Roman nation continuing thousands of years later and being run by the female lines of families. The second book continues with lots of characters from the first book and takes place approximately 7 years later.

Captain Carina Mitela works for the military, but is also the junior head of her Roman family. She must wear many hats of duty in her everyday life. When a secret token makes it’s way to Carina, she realises that a friend is in trouble and a organises a quick military rescue. It soon becomes obvious that a much deeper plot is afoot and Carina must go to extreme lengths to save her nation.

The writing is filled with Roman names, traditions and words which make the world of Nova Roma seem all the more genuine and believable. There are a lot of characters to get your head a round and many have several alias which makes it all a bit more complicated. It’s a very good storyline and to get the best from it I would strongly suggest reading the first book in the series prior to this just so you understand the whole scenario and can immerse yourself fully in modern Roma Nova.

This review is based on a free copy of the book which I won.

Find a copy here from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

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The Hidden Demon by Monica La Porta

The Hidden Demon (The Immortals, #4)The Hidden Demon by Monica La Porta

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Hidden Demon is book 4 in the Immortal Series, a sophisticated paranormal romance set in and around Rome. Peter is a demon, a loner, he is a renegade controller of the paranormal world and works for The Holy Council at Castel Sant’ Angelo. More importantly he can read the dead and find out their last thoughts before death which often reveal their cause of death.

He’s sent to help paranormal forensic anthropologist Ophelia Neferet when unusual remains of vampire and werewolf lovers are found. They must solve the mystery as well as deflect the human paparazzi who are clamouring for a story.

Peter begins to unravel the tragic story of Lucilla and Valerio but others in the paranormal world are not happy with their work. Threats, kidnapping, arson and abduction follow. Working together the two discover strong feeling for each other but Peter is cursed and cannot touch Ophelia freely without forcing her to last after him. As the net closes in on Peter and Ophelia, past discoveries reveal answers to long ago questions and possibilities for the future grow.

I loved the idea that the demon Peter wasn’t all bad at all, turning the tables on normal demon characteristics worked really well. There was lots of Italian scenery to enjoy and of course some sizzling romance as I’ve come to expect from this series.

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Britannia Part 1: The Wall by Richard Denham

Britannia,  Part 1: The Wall (Britannia, #1)Britannia, Part 1: The Wall by Richard Denham

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Britannia Part 1: The Wall is a work of fiction set in a historical backdrop of occupied Britain in the Roman era. Hadrian’s wall has been built and it is up to the VI Vitrix to defend the wall against the Barbarians from the North.

The book opens and introduces us to four leading characters, soldiers of the VI, who are out hunting. Leocadius is just 19, Vitalis 18, they are out with Justinus aged around 30 years and Paternus who is a family man of just a little older. They’ve been hunting for two days and are returning home when smoke and scavenger birds alert them to trouble. They find the fort of Banna has been attacked and no one is left, Paternus fears for his family.

Rushing to the next stronghold along the wall the soldiers finds this one has been savagely attacked as well, and it’s not just one, the wall has been lost. They suspect the Picts, Saxons and Attacotti. Heading for the larger Roman town of Eboracum (York) The four soldiers come across an Arcani, a wise man of Britain, a man of the land called Dumno, also a paid Roman informer. They Learn of a mysterious Hero of the Barbarians called Valentinus, who controls these Barbarian armies and wants to rid the land of the Romans.

These four soldiers become heroes of the Wall, rumours spread of brave deeds and the Roman leaders use the men to drum up positive response to the attacks from Valentinus. Attacks that pour fear into an Army which once had a fearsome reputation and now looks like it might be defeated. But who is the man behind the silver mask? The biggest fear is the unknown.

All over Britain talk of Valentinus spreads as Roman Britain itself moves forward. In Londinium Leocadius and Vitalis both find themselves in positions unthought-of because of their Wall hero status. We see a City with different religions that people follow out of belief and fashion. This book drops you right into Roman life in Britain, with the harshness of living in the wilds of the North, to military life and civilian lifestyles. It’s all about survival, unless you are an army man and then it’s all about Rome. A good historical book.

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The Immortal Greek by Monica La Porta

The Immortal Greek (The Immortals, #2)The Immortal Greek by Monica La Porta

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Immortal Greek is a sophisticated and sexy paranormal romance set in the Eternal City of Rome. It is the second book in the Immortal Series, but easily stands on it’s own. Alexander Drako is an Immortal with a reputation as a millionaire playboy, his parties are the talk of the town and he is always being featured in the gossip magazines.

This year his famous party has had to move its date due to the Immortal Council’s annual Gala, but the fun of the party ends when a young Immortal commits suicide. The Council call in The Enforcer, Ravenna Del Sarto to investigate the suicide and it appears he is a victim of The Immortal Death.

When several more bodies turn up Alexander and Ravenna must work together to find the person or persons behind the deaths.

This book entwines high class luxuries, fast cars, beautiful characters and deep passions in a wonderful setting. If you like your romance strong with a shot of heat like a favourite cup of Italian coffee, then this is for you.

Find a copy here from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

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Romancing September #RomancingSeptember – Day 17


Welcome to Day 17 of Romancing September Across The World Tour. Today our guest is Monica La Porta. Catch up with more from Monica in a few hours with the second part of our tour when Stephanie chats to her.

The Lost Centurion_new design

Where is your home town?

I am from Rome, Italy, but I moved to Washington State in the summer of 2000.

How long have you been writing romance?

I’ve been writing love stories since I was a kid, but I started writing professionally five years ago.

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?

I have several favourites, among them paranormal, urban fantasy, and science fiction romance.

Tell us who Marcus is?

Marcus is the main character in The Lost Centurion. Once a proud commander in the Imperial Roman Army with hundreds of men under his lead, Marcus is now a lonely renegade whose life is powered by a thirst for revenge consuming him.

Who has he been searching centuries for?

As an immortal, Marcus has spent the last two thousand years looking for a vampire.

What does he think of Vampires?

He hates vampires, because one of them killed his wife, Aurelia.

How does he meet Diana?

After years of fruitless search for Aurelia’s killer, Marcus has finally a lead. An informant has promised him information about the vampire he’s looking for. The rendezvous is at the Roman Forum, but when Marcus arrives he finds his informant is being attacked. Marcus can’t save the man, but he ends up having to care for the informant’s vampling—a new-born vampire—Diana.

What locations have you used to mix Old and New Italy?

I took a virtual tour through Rome, mixing places I used to frequent when I was living there, and Marcus’s memories of the same places in Roman times. The Forums first and foremost, where the majority of Roman daily life happened, but also the modern neighbourhoods built on top of the ancient city. Marcus travels south to Amalfi to hide with Diana in his friend’s villa perched atop the rugged coast, and takes her to the Blue Grotto for a romantic evening. Finally, he must follow her to Castel Gandolfo, the medieval city where the Pope retires for his summer vacation, where the vampires keep Diana prisoner.

Tell us what you are working on at the moment.

I have just released the second title in The Immortals series, The Immortal Greek. My editor has finished her corrections on The Broken Angel, which should be out in October. And I am writing the fourth in the series, The Hidden Demon.

Where can readers find out more about you?

Monica La Porta

I have a blog and an author page on Facebook where I talk about my writing, my hobbies, my outlandish gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free recipes, and my love for beagles. I welcome questions from my readers, because interacting with them gives me great joy.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/monicalaportaauthor

Blog http://monicalaporta.com/

twitter https://twitter.com/momilp

mailing list http://eepurl.com/znSHT

The Lost Centurion buying links:

  1. co.uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Lost-Centurion-Immortals-ebook/dp/B00KMJB4OA/
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Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/442440

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iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-lost-centurion/id883335328?mt=11


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Romancing September #RomancingSeptember – Day 1

WELCOME to the second year of Romancing September Across The World.

For the next thirty days we will be bringing you with some fantastic Romance books from across the wide range of books within the genre.

Everyday there will be a different book and there are two posts about the book and the author. The first is here in the Uk and the second is with Stephanie in the USA.

Each post is different and will introduce you the author and their book, so let’s see if we can find a book to tickle your literal taste buds.


Our first guest is Caroline Storer. Catch up with more from Caroline in a few hours with the second part of our tour when Stephanie chats to her.

The Roman

Where is your home town?

I live in a small village called Llanfechell, which is on the lovely island of Anglesey in North Wales. It’s a lovely island with some wonderful beaches and is just on the doorstep of the Snowdonia National Park. You may also recall, that Anglesey was recently the “home” of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) whilst William was serving with the RAF up here at RAF Valley. I did invite them over for tea, but unfortunately they were too busy to pop over (only kidding!)

How long have you been writing romance?

I first put pen to paper; or rather fingers to keyboard back in 2007. But saying that, I have always dreamt of writing romance, and over the years hundreds of ideas for books have bubbled away in my over active imagination.

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?

Historical romance without a doubt! I love most periods of historical romance; but if I had to pick three, then Ancient Rome, Viking and Regency romances would be my favourites.

When is your book set?

My book is set in Ancient Rome, in AD79

How was Marsallas betrayed?

The heroine, Justina was forced to lie to him when they were young by telling him that she wanted to be with his uncle, Quintus instead of marrying him. Believing the worst, Marsallas denounces Justina to Hades and leaves Herculaneum vowing never to return.

What has Marsallas been doing for the last 6 years?

Marsallas has thrown himself into the deadly world of chariot racing, gaining fortune, fame, and a salacious reputation throughout Rome. His bed could be kept warm by a different woman each night if he chooses, but his heart remains iced over as the memory of Justina’s betrayal continues to haunts him.

How does he meet Justina again?

Quintus is dying, and forces Justina to go to Rome to persuade Marsallas to return to Herculaneum to see him before he dies. Justina doesn’t want to go, but has no choice. When they meet for the first time in six years, Marsallas feels hatred for her; but underneath it all there is still a spark of desire for her that he can’t resist.

How does he believe he will avenge his broken heart?

When Justina steps back into his life he sees a chance to avenge his broken heart. He’ll take her for one night only, and then walk away from her as she walked away from him. But beneath the hurt, an attraction so intense still burns between the two, and as their fates begin to intertwine once more, their determination to resist one another starts to falter…

Tell us what you are working on at the moment.

I’m currently finishing off a Viking Romance. It’s a Viking with a twist, though. In my story, the heroine is the Viking and the hero is the Anglo Saxon lord who captures her when Vikings invade England in 1066.

Where can readers find out more about you?

Caroline Storer


Twitter – https://twitter.com/CarolineStorer6

You can also find me on my blog at – http://carolinestorer.blogspot.co.uk/

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