Sweet Melissa by Cynthia Harrison

Sweet.MelissaSweet Melissa by Cynthia Harrison

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read Sweet Melissa straight after Gypsy, the first book in this Traveling Girls series. I really enjoyed the first book and was equally thrilled with the second, reading it all in just one night.

Melissa is aged 16 years old, she lives in West Port, Washington. Her best friend Popcorn persuades her to take off on a reckless adventure. Melissa agrees hoping her wildness will attract Popcorn’s older brother David, lead guitar player in an up and coming band.

The two girls hitch to Colorado Springs lurching between danger and safety with the rides they accept. When they finally arrive a Jeff’s place it’s not the homely welcome Melissa had hoped for.

In West Port, Natalia’s Romany gifts take her to Paradise Fields. It’s a place across the veil where she is contacted by her Spirit Guides. It has fields, oceans and mountains where the spirits dwell. Aunt Fadelty has died and contacts Natalia asking her to find the person who murdered her. A dark entity known as The Dark Initiate. He tried to hitch a ride to Paradise Fields with Fadelty’s spirit when she died. He’s dangerous and he’ll try again.

When Melissa and Popcorn are reported missing, Natalia’s Dad, Detective Haywood is given the case. He’s a Rom cop who prefers traditional police methods to crack a case, but does allow his own Romany gifts to help when necessary. When Natalia becomes Melissa’s guide to keep her safe Natalia’s Dad’s not happy. When the runaways split, disaster happens. The need to track down a murderer brings Natalia and her Dad together, but Natalia’s parents must work together and be the ones to finally stop the evil force.

This book was just as good as the first, there are lots of twists and turns which had me pointing my finger at several suspects then changing my mind. I love the role of the spirit guides and the whole idea of Paradise fields. A really great series.

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Gypsy by Cynthia Harrison

GypsyGypsy by Cynthia Harrison

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Laurel Berman has been travelling whilst asleep, helping poor souls pass over as they die. She’s been helped by a wise boy called Ryan who she meets in a place called Paradise Fields.

Laurel reads her Tarot cards which help her in life. Her mother reads Tea leaves and Laurel and her sister have always believed they are part Romany. They live in Westport, Washington and had their house burnt down as part of a hate campaign against Romany people. She meets Nate Haywood a cop, asking for her help to begin a re-housing support group for victims of the fire. He suspects Vince Vale of the arson attacks, but he has no proof.

When her sister Ann is raped one night, Laurel uses her powers to stop the attacker murdering her sister. She knows who this man is, but who will believe her when she cannot prove she was at the scene? Nate believes her and they find a Romany connection.

The spirits help Laurel fulfil her previously agreed destiny. She finds a lost child who will bring families together and melt hearts while business partner Sibyl cooks up a great money-raising event. Habitat for Humanity reels Vince Vale closer, but he has his own secrets which place Laurel in grave danger in Paradise fields.

I thought this was a great read, it mixed mystery with spiritualism and romance in a way which really worked.

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