📚’A slow-build romance and I was in no rush to see it reach the end.’ Rosie’s #Bookreview of #ContemporaryRomance Dark Highland Skies by @lizzie_lamb #BookTwitter

Dark Highland SkiesDark Highland Skies by Lizzie Lamb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dark Highland Skies is a contemporary romance set in the Scottish highlands.

Astrophysicist Halley Dunbar has come to Lochaber to arrange the funeral for her Great Uncle Tam. As a teenager she spent many summers with her uncle in his salmon bothy, but she hasn’t been back for twenty years.

Hector (Tor) Strachan is struggling to come to terms with civilian life after the end of his army career. As the laird’s son he’s expected to perform his duties, but an injury from his time in the army and PTSD are taking their toll.

While Tor and Halley start off on the wrong foot, they find mutual friendship as together they organise Tam’s funeral, but will there ever be anything else between them other than friendship?

This book has a lovely setting and a wonderful cast of characters. There are several unusual careers which made me chuckle at times, while I quite fancied a few quiet nights away in the old salmon bothy or Tor’s Airstream myself. This is slow-build romance and I was in no rush to see it reach the end as I was quite enjoying my armchair travel to remote Scotland.

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Orange rose book description
Book description

Astrophysicist Halley Dunbar has spent her career peering into the space hoping to find the one-in-a-billion exoplanet outside our solar system capable of sustaining life. Such a find would be the climax of her scientific career and establish her as a force majeure in a male-dominated world. When her great-uncle dies, she travels to Lochaber in Scotland to arrange his funeral, reluctant to leave her research and her million-pound telescope behind in Hawaii. In Scotland, she encounters an assortment of characters who make her realise there’s more to life than searching for something that might not exist. The years are ticking by and Halley (35), starts to question the life she’s chosen. When the laird’s son, Tor Strachan, rocks up, he turns her world upside down and Halley discovers, not the new exoplanet she’s spent her academic life searching for, but the one-in-a-billion man who can make her happy. Forced to question her life choices, Halley wonders if she’ll be able to return to stargazing and leave behind a place and a man she’s come to love. However, Afghan veteran Tor has demons of his own to confront before he can be the man Halley deserves. And, as for Halley, she has secrets of her own; ones she can’t share with anyone, including Tor.

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Rosie’s #Bookreview #HistoricalRomance A Runaway Bride For The Highlander by @ElisabethHobbes #TuesdayBookBlog

A Runaway Bride for the Highlander (The Lochmore Legacy, #3)A Runaway Bride for the Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes

4 stars

A Runaway Bride For The Highlander is book three of The Lochmore Legacy historical romances.

A set of four books, each steps back into history as clues to a mystery are revealed. Book one began in the Victorian era, book two is set during the Regency years, book three in Tudor times, and the final book is set in the medieval period.

So far we have been introduced to a mystical brooch, an empty crypt and a long standing family feud between two clans.

Book three is set in 1513. Scotland has just been defeated at the Battle Of Flodden. The title of Earl of Glenarris has now come to Ewan Lockmore. Scotland’s noblemen gather in Stirling for the  crowning of the new king and the re-portioning of lands. Lockmore is granted more lands, but it stirs up old feuds with the neighbouring McCrieff clan.

Marguerite Vallon is engaged to Duncan McCrieff, but she fears a future with him. She’d rather take her chances with his rival Lockmore. Stealing the future bride of a man is underhand, but taking the bride of your enemy will surely open old wounds.

This book reveals a little more of the mystery theme which runs through this series and I’m interested to read the last book to get the whole story. The romance works well and this book could easily be read as a stand-alone as well as in sequence.

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Book description

Lost in the Highlands

Found by the laird! 

Part of The Lochmore Legacy: a Scottish castle through the ages! Far from her home in France, Marguerite Vallon escapes her arranged marriage to a man she despises. Stowing away in a stranger’s cart, she finds herself headed deep into the Highlands with Ewan Lochmore, the new Earl of Glenarris! Ewan vows to protect her. But maybe the freedom Marguerite has been searching for can be found with this rugged warrior…

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