Romancing September Author Cynthia Harrison (Day 30)

I can’t believe we have reached the last day of our Romancing September Across the World. It’s day 30 and we have interviewed and discussed romance writing with 30 authors on both sides of the Atlantic. Today our final author is Cynthia Harrison and she has a little good news for you at the end of our interview. Don’t forget to go over and visit Stephanie later for the final update on writing romance in today’s society.

Cynthia Harrison authorLet’s find out more about Cynthia;

1) Where is your home town?
I live in small town north of Detroit: Washington, Michigan.
2) How long have you been writing?
I was a star reporter at my junior high school newspaper. So 12-13 years old.
3) Have you always written romance?
No. I wrote two “literary” novels, then a mystery, then a Regency, which is a kind of romance. I indie pubbed a contemporary novel, and only understood how to write full-on romance with my editor’s help.
4) Your book title is “Blue Heaven” with Blue Lake in brackets, what is the connection between the two?
 Blue Heaven is the first title in my Blue Lake series.
5) Where is your book set?
In a tourist town on the Great Lakes in Michigan.
6) Eva takes on an enormous project with a tight time scale can you tell the readers a little about this?
 Eva had a great job in advertising until Detroit plunged into massive unemployment. She looked for more advertising work, but the game had changed and nobody was hiring. She came up with a last-ditch desperate plan to turn “Blue Heaven” (her family’s beat up old vacation cottages on Lake Huron) from the 1920s into a shabby chic vacation resort.
7) What is it that Daniel Bryman thinks Eva will destroy?
 Eva has big plans. She especially wants to recapture that big family feeling without opening up her private space to paying customers, so she plans to put a second story party room on the main bungalow. Daniel is all about integrity of design, and since his ancestor built the bungalow, he did not want to see the original structure tampered with.
8) Will there be time for some romance in Eva’s busy schedule?
 Daniel is so keen to make sure all goes right that he is at Eva’s every minute of every day. He makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Free labour!
9) How do you add the romance; a slow burner or fast and furious like a hit and run?
 For these two, the attraction is immediate, but other things get in the way of them being together, so they do a painful slow burn for each other.
10) Do you like your writing to have a “Happy Ever After” ending or do you leave unanswered questions?
I love happy endings.
11) This book has recently been published, I believe you have some information which might please our readers?
Yes! “Blue Heaven” is going to be free for five days (Oct.1-5) on Kindle.
BlueHeaven_w7796_300Here are the links to or
Thank you Cynthia for being our guest today, Good Luck with the book promotion. Now please step over to Stephanie’s side of the tour

Romancing September author Cassandra Giovanni (Day 26)

We are near the end of our Romancing September Across the World Tour. Today we meet author Cassandra Giovanni and Stephanie will be discussing romance writing in today’s society with Cassandra over in Georgia in a few hours.

Cassandra Giovanni authorLet’s find out more about Cassandra;

1) Where is your home town?
Holliston, MA
2) You’ve been writing since the age of 7, can you tell us some of the pieces you have written.
The first thing I had published was a chapter for a Josephina novel for American Girl, from there I won contests with poetry, and essays. I wrote my first novels at around 14-15, which all had to do with girls, falling in love and horses. There was one about motor cross thrown in there too. I have three published full length novels now, all varying genres, and I have at least 8 others half-written or in the works. Most of the novels are NA.
3) Is this your first adult romance?
Yes, this is my first New Adult romance.
4) I believe you designed the book cover yourself, is that correct? Tell us bout it.
I’m a professional photographer, so I really couldn’t see using stock photography for my cover. I asked my husband for help, and he obliged (grumbling the whole time by the way). We played around with a lot of ideas, many of which there was no person on the cover–coffee, and beans, and a guitar…lots of different things. I really wanted a person on the cover, so after about 3 hours of photographs my husband broke down and let me use him as the model. I fell in love with the set of pictures as soon as I took it, and then all I had to do was Photoshop some tattoos on to him. Some of the tattoos on the cover are real, while others aren’t.
5) Moving on to “Love Exactly” can you tell us where and when Emma and Evan meet?
They meet in a gas station where Emma is getting a cheap cup of coffee and Evan is hunting down Pizza Combos. She rams into him and spills her coffee everywhere–he offers to replace it with a “real” cup of coffee at the Starbucks across the street!
6) Are they attracted to each other from the start?
Yes, but it isn’t insta-love in any way. They slowly get to know each other through dates and phone calls.
7)  “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words…they’ll destroy  my soul” Powerful words! Can you hint at some of the issues Emma needs  to deal with?
Emma was in an abusive relationship as a teenager and is still dealing from the scars created both physically and verbally.
8) Does Evan have his own problems to deal with too?
Evan has to deal with fame, and people who want him to be the “bad boy” that they idolize him to be, but he’s not.
9) Do the pair have any intimate love scenes?
There are love scenes, but I refer to them as “clean steam”…they’re hot in all the right places, but not enough to make those people that aren’t a fan of graphic sex gag.
10) How do they both help each other? Does the process evolve throughout  the story?
The process does evolve throughout the story–they both help each other be stronger, but they never force anything on one another. As Evan says “I’m not trying to fix you. I don’t think you’re broken. That’s all on you. I’m just trying to show you the only one standing in your way is you.”
11) Can you tell fans about any plans you have for your next book?
The next book in the series will release sometime after Summer 2014. Currently, I’m working on a series that is to be published early 2014 called Beautifully Broken–it’s a two novel series. Book one is Flawed Perfection, and Book Two is Broken Perfection. Here is the unofficial blurb for Flawed Perfection: Bobby Beckerson was the American All-Star  hockey player–he was the spitting image of perfection to his family.  Goofy, sweet and undeniably gorgeous, he had everything but the one girl he wanted: River Ahlers. River Ahlers is successful in everything but love. She’s been in love  with Adam Beckerson since they were kids. Worst of all she’s stuck right in the middle of the brother’s dueling over everything and anything, and she doesn’t even know she’s the ultimate prize. Adam Beckerson was a boy with a guitar, a smile that sunk girl’s hearts  and a stone wall around his own. He was anything but perfect, and no  matter how hard he tried he was nothing compared to Bobby. Sweet,  damaged, with boyish good-looks, no body thought Adam loved anyone but  himself. Bobby loved River, River loved Adam and Adam only loved himself–or so  everyone thought. Then one night everything changes, and as it threatens to destroy everyone involved a tragedy strikes that will break them  all…
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Thank you Cassandra and I think some of the ladies will appreciate the photo your husband posed for! Don’t forget Stephanie’s half of Romancing September

Romancing September author Fay Cunningham (Day 23)

Welcome to Day 23 of Romancing September Across the World Tour. Today our guest is Fay Cunningham. Join her now and again later over with Stephanie for her views on writing romance in today’s society.

Fay Cunningham authorLet’s find out more about Fay and her book;

1) Where is your home town?  
Colchester, England.
2) How long have you been writing? 
Since I was at school. I won a prize for English Language and that started me off.
3) Has you always written romance?
I started with short stories for women’s magazines, then a couple of crime novels, but I got hooked on Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb and decided I liked a mix of both romance and crime.
4) This is a romantic suspense novel where did the inspiration for the storyline come from? 
I wondered what would happen if someone found a mobile phone. Would they look at the messages?
5) When does Police Detective Jack Armstrong arrive on the scene in Serena’s life?
Right near the beginning. He is investigating the injured man Serena found in the ditch.
6) How did you build up the relationship between Jack and Serena?
I wanted him to be sarcastic and quite objectionable at the start of the relationship. He has some really good lines of dialogue.
7) Is Serena’s father the proverbial “Skeleton in the cupboard”? 
You could say that, but he is not a villain. Quite the opposite, in fact.
8) Can you hint how you keep the readers enthralled until the end?
I often don’t know how the book is going to end myself, so it is bound to be a surprise for the reader.
9) What other romances have you written?
Five that were previously My Weekly Pocket Novels, all available on Amazon, and two crime thrillers now published by Harlequin Worldwide Books.
10) Do you have a new book or a sequel to “Forgotten” that you are writing at the moment?
My new book doesn’t have a title yet, but it is another romantic suspense novel. A girl is on the run with her four-year-old son, but the reader will have no idea why. Not to begin with, anyway.

Forgotten 2Find “Forgotten” at or

Thank you Fay, this book sounds very intriguing, Good Luck with the new book. Catch up with Stephanie at

Romancing September – author Sonya Loveday (Day 21)

Day 21 of the Romancing September Across the World Tour, today our guest is Sonya Loveday (What better name could you have for a romance author?) Meet Sonya here and then in a few hours catch up with her again as she talks about writing romance in today’s society with Stephanie over in Georgia USA.

Sonya Loveday

Let’s go and find out more about Sonya;

1) Where is your hometown?

I currently reside in Central Florida in a ‘small’ town called St. Cloud. I was born in Presque Isle, Maine and wish for the weather they have. Florida heat is brutal in the summer.

2) How long have you been writing?

I’ve been actively writing since 2009. I started writing Casted along side of another book that is written but not finished, if that makes sense. I picked Casted back up around April 2012 and completed it.

3) Have you always written romance?

I’ve always had some sort of romance that goes along with the storyline. Since Casted is officially my first published novel I guess you could say yes.

4) Your book cover is gorgeous! What made you chose purple?

Thank you! Ravven is ahhhhmazing! I gave her a brief description of what I wanted the cover to look like and then handed the creative controls over to her. I actually had a choice between blue or purple. Now, besides the fact that purple is my favourite colour, I also associate purple with magic. The choice was, at that point, a no brainer. She totally rocked it out and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

5) Ooh Magic! Tell us about the background of the spell book in your story.

Ah, the ancient spell book…

The book itself belonged to Elinor. It was, back then, a way to record her spells. It also became her prison for hundreds of years.

6) Can Jade do magic? Is she a witch or a spell caster? What would you call her?

Poor Jade, she’s had a pretty hard life. Both her parents were killed when she was a young girl. Her bloodline-so to speak-is split between the Original Coven and the Triad. Jade finds out the hard way just how powerful of a spell caster she is as things heat up for her.

7) Who are the Triad? Whom do they represent?

When the Original Coven was formed a select few were unhappy with the restraints put upon them. They broke off from the Original Coven and called themselves The Triad. Their goal was to take out the Original coven and gain full control of all magic users. Those who were sought out by the Triad had one choice, join or die.

8) You’ve woven a complicated love interest into the tale, can we expect some sparks?

But of course! With magic, there’s always sparks!

9) What can we expect from Elinor?

She’s pretty intense. Being trapped in a book will do that to you. Her main objective is to eliminate the Triad. Her focus is set on Lorenzo, the Triad leader. She will force her will on Jade to see the end of the evil that caused so much grief in her life.

10) This is the first book in “The Casted” series, have you a title for the second book? When do you expect it to be available for fans?

For now, I’m using the working title “Spelled”, not sure if that will stick since I’m only a few chapters in to the actual writing. It has a huge possibility of changing. I’m looking at the end of the year to have it completed.

On a side note…if you’ve read Casted, I left you with a huge cliff hanger that will jump right into the next book. I will also take the time to apologize now, knowing you will be shouting at me and your books/e-readers with the next one. You’ve been warned. *Insert evil laugh here*


You can check out “Casted” at or

A very big Thank you to Sonya for joining us on the blog today, Good Luck with the new book. Here’s the link to Stephanie’s blog once more

Romancing September author Marina de Nadous (Day 17)

Welcome to Day 17 of Romancing September Across the World. Today’s author is Marina de Nadous and her book “The Celestial Sea”. Cross over to Georgia USA in a few hours and read what Marina has to say about writing romance in today’s society with Stephanie.

Marina de Nadous author

Marina has chosen not to reveal her full picture for privacy reasons.

Let’s find out more about Marina;

1) Where is your hometown?

My hometown is Frome in Somerset, UK

2) How long have you been writing?

I began writing 7 years ago

3) Have you always written romance?

No—I never set out to be a writer. I am a novice author launching a series I have been working on since 2006. I consider myself a scribe, recording a story that arrived unexpectedly in my lap. 

4) Your book is written in diary format, why did you choose this?

My above answer goes some way to explain my reason for the diary format. Written as a diary narrative, the story includes the beginnings of my writer’s career and the conception of the series. In a way, the story turns itself inside out as my writer’s journey becomes embroiled in the script.

 5) There is a chalk model of a ship on your book cover. What is the role of the ship in the book?

I shall leave that as a mystery—for now. I don’t want to expose too much of the magic interwoven through the pages of The Celestial Sea Voyages. ‘Lovers’ Metaphor’ is a clue.

6) Much romance is written with characters in the 20-30 year old age bracket, do your characters fit this model?

Move it on ten years—my story will probably resonate more strongly with adults in their 40/50’s. I presumed I had written a romance for women in this age bracket but I have been enormously surprised to find that the men are appreciating the story just as much, if not more, than my female readers!

7) You chose New Zealand as the setting for your book, why?

For one reason only—I just happened to be there when the story appeared. Others would say it was destiny that took me there. My story certainly points to the ‘destiny’ theory.

8) Do the New Zealand Maori traditions play a part in some of the spiritual areas of the book?

Many aspects of Kiwi life are represented throughout the story—seen through the eyes of a domestic housewife and mother new to the Southern hemisphere. I hope I have represented lots of interest in this realm and yes, Maori heritage, culture and spirituality provide evocative elements throughout the tale.

9) Fans have described this as one of the ‘Great Love Stories’, why do you think that is?

This is a hard one to answer because I am both the writer and the protagonist. All I can say is that the romance is totally unique. I have never read anything that compares. Each person takes from it what they will. Readers with a spiritual leaning will gain most from the series. Mix a cocktail of ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ ‘Bridget Jones Diary’, add a nautical, sacred ingredient that can’t be put into words and perhaps—perhaps that might just define the story—sort of!

10) Will any of your work be available to buy on Kindle?

Yes—the series is available in both paperback and Kindle.

11) You’ve just published book 2 in the series, what is it called? How many more books are you planning for fans? Any planned publication dates?

The first book; ‘The Celestial Sea’, was published last August. The second book is called ‘Dry Dock’ and came out at the beginning of this month. There are several volumes planned, but as yet I have no fixed publication dates. It rather depends on the public’s appreciation. Over to you, readers—how much can you take?


Find “The Celestial Sea” on or

A Big Thank you to Marina for being our guest today, Good Luck with the series.

Good Husband Material by Trisha Ashley

Good Husband MaterialGood Husband Material by Trisha Ashley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this romantic romp, Trisha Ashley wove a wonderful tale around a set of funny situations. A scandalous rock star, an unfaithful husband and a village scene with its own set of colourful inhabitants. Our heroine writes books about her lost love and our hero paints her, and who is the inspiration behinds the rock band’s lyrics? Add some mad animals and a batty old Granny, this book is a great read.

Find this book here on Amazon.

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