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Heidi chose to read and review Full Circle by Terry Tyler

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Full Circle (Thor #2)

By Terry Tyler

Review by Heidi Lynn


First, I would like to thank Rosie Amber and Terry Tyler for providing me this book so I may bring you this review.


Full Circle is the second book in Terry Tyler’s Thor series. Her first book in the series is called Dream On. Full Circle can be read as a standalone. This book read like one of my prime time soap operas. I loved it! The book was packed with washed up English musicians, Thor trying to get back together, bad blood, love triangles, secret affairs, destruction of a person due to alcoholism, bad marriages, a singer trying to get back on top, and tons of drama-oh the drama!


I loved Silas Woodrow Wilson’s character. Ariel had felt an immediate and mutual attraction to him when she literally bumped into him at the library. However, as their relationship continued to blossom she could something was off about him. He was mysterious and that is why I liked him. You could tell he was hiding something-but what was he hiding?


I loved the unique names of the characters in the book Arial, Shane, Silas, Boz, Harley, etc. Every time I saw the band name Thor I thought of the 80’s cartoon show He-Man and would laugh.


The Big Brother House, X Factor, and The Jeremy Kyle references in the book had me cracking up laughing.


There was one section of the book that I totally agreed with Ariel on. I thought it was a comical and meaningful as well.


“Ariel gritted her teeth and shoved her hand again. “Why does it always have to be about bloody marketing? Why can’t it just be about the music?”


“Because we’re living in an extremely competitive age, my love,” Glenn said, touching her shoulder for a moment. “Marketing is everything. If you can’t get your head around that, you won’t get anywhere. I mean it. We’ve just signed this bunch of acne-ridden little tossers called Brit Boys, and I can tell you now, they’re gruesome, seriously horrible, but Him Upstairs, Ray Sullivan, thinks we can put them out as a sort of One Direction with more street cred, God help us all! Now you, you’ve got a head start with the way you look-no, don’t glare at me like that! –but FVRG UK will only see you as a prospective product, nothing more. Their one question is, will she make us money? Or see what the punters are going to want not only right now, but next year as well? You can just do it for the music if you want, but you need to take your head out of the clouds and see it as a business, too.”



“Ariel reached over and put her hand over his. Yeah, I know. As long as they don’t want me writhing about on all fours in a G string, in order to flog a few CDs, like bloody Zane Perlmutter did.”


I could see this book be played out as a Where Are They Now episode on VH1. I would totally watch it.

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