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Jessie chose to read and review Dream On by Terry Tyler


On a sliding scale of musical ability we have: the violin maestro, one hit wonder popstars, people who love jazz, those who sing only in the shower, dogs and me.

Therefore my reading of Dream On, a book about a rock band trying to make it in England, was all a bit, “Huh? Really? Interesting…”

“Sprogged? Did he just say sprogged? Does that mean what I think it means? Really?”

I find heavy accents to be slightly befuddling, mildly amusing and completely endearing. After all, if a character doesn’t speak in a broad accent then in my mind it all comes out midwest states even if they are standing in the Kremlin the entire time.

“Wait -these people  want to sing in front of hundreds of people? That’s not everyone’s worst nightmare? Huh?”

I’ve always known, in a clinical sense, that musicians are driven to make music. But reading a book that revolves around that fact made me truly recognize that this is a thing – even if it does confuse my brain more than a broad Scots accent.

“These people are all driven by entirely different things… interesting…”

By far my favorite aspect of the book was the variety of characters (and I do mean characters) and what motivated them into the music scene.

Would I recommend it? I feel I can safely say that if I, the one who has heard more musically inclined dogs than myself, find this book to be a fun and interesting read, anybody could enjoy it! Terry Tyler takes a cast and situation that has me personally befuddled and creates real people, living real lives trying to do what they love. Anybody, even me, can relate to that!

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