October Editions of Fleet Life and EHD #Bookreviews

I am lucky enough to write a set of book reviews for two local magazines both with on-line versions.

Oct Fleet

This month’s books in Fleet Life can be found at http://www.fleetlife.org.uk click on the on-line directory and turn to page 6 where you’ll fine the following books;

The Shell by Tony Riches

Wild Water by Jan Ruth

The Road To Yesterday by Randy Mixter

Round and Round by Terry Tyler

Beneath The Surface by Mike Martin

Books featured in The Elvetham Heath Directory with it’s online version at http://www.ehd.org.uk , click on the on-line directory and turn to page 6 for;


The Mystery Box by Eva Pohler

Reckless Recon by Rinelle Grey

My GRL by John Howell

The Scrolls of Scion by TJ Therien

Manic Mondays by Michaela Weaver

Reckless Recon by Rinelle Grey

Reckless Recon (Barren Planet #3)Reckless Recon by Rinelle Grey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reckless Recon is the third book in the Barren Planet series. I made a slow start as I tried to remember what had happened in the last book, but I soon picked up the story from the reminders in the plot. A group of rebels are looking for a new planet to inhabit after leaving The Colonies because they disagreed with the strict rules implied to restrict the population growth.

Kerit volunteers to go down to the uninhabited planet to set a beacon so that a new process called terraforming can be used to make the planet habitable. However he bumps into Folly who informs him that at least 5000 people already live undetected on the planet inside a giant cave.

Seizing an opportunity to use Kerit’s shuttlecraft, Folly gets Kerit to fly her to the city of Tadig. A deserted city in ruins after a meteor strike, in search of her father. Instead they find a vicious alien and only just escape with their lives. Folly takes Kerit to meet her people but they are set in their ways and refuse to believe her about the alien. They are even more surprised by the news of 1000 people waiting in the spaceship Resolution above the planet who want to make it their new home.

I really like this series. In this book Rinelle creates a cute furry creature called a skuttle and I enjoyed the idea of the huge cave housing plants and animals and surviving on a planet with dust and acid rain. Looking forward to reading the next instalment for the space travellers.

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