“W” Where The Hell is Darcy?

This book entry for the AtoZ Challenge was sent to me by Katty Kitt, there’s a book out there for everyone! This book may contain adult content. It’s Humour, but I wouldn’t pass it on to your granny!

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The letter W
Title: Where the Hell is Darcy? A Smutty Snorty Guide to Sex, Dating & Relationships
Genre: Humour
Link:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BDUK4SE

This is not a book for incurable romantics, nor any sort of ‘How to Find your Man’ gloop-fest. It’s more about realising your man is a totally hideous disappointment and all dating websites are manifestations of Satan…probably.
After Mr Grey led us all up the garden path of feeble submission, what women really need now is to regain our default setting of glorious superiority and have a few snorty laughs to get us ready for leg shaving season. Just don’t lend it to your granny…

Warning: This book is funny and very filthy- so don’t lend it to your granny…Where the Hell is Darcy? A Smutty Snorty Guide to Sex, Dating & Relationships

Ladies- Admit it. Your love life has as much romance as a George Michael stroll on Hampstead Heath…We know this because ours does too…

There are no solutions to rubbish relationships that don’t involve serious psychotherapy and nipple clamps, so bugger that…..What we need is a smutty guide to understanding men, sex, dating & relationships that deals with real life…in all its spotty-arsed dweebness…. A comedy book that will make us snort while we eat cake, glug wine or shave our le

If you are single, or your man is more Arsey than Darcy and you are stuck with Brian from Cleethorpes, Dan from Accounts or Julian from Brideshead Revisited, then buy this book!

Discover all this and much, much more:

– How to find your own gorgeous hunk of uselessness
– Why dating websites are the Devil’s testicles
– How to diagnose which sort of twat he is
– How to pretend you’re not deranged
– How to relieve the boredom during blow jobs

– What he’s thinking when he does that gormless face
– Why bondage is great if you’re lazy
– How to avoid traumatising him with your period
-Why his exes are deeply weird
– Why his mother hates you
– Why sex is just horizontal Riverdancing without the clogs
– Why weddings relieve the boredom of his Y-Fronts
– Why your bridesmaids need to look like baboons

– How to deal with cheating and getting pissed at Christmas
– Why revenge is fabulous
– How to get over him and how to get the bastard back
– How to grow old and fat with Mr Darcy

Kattykitt doesn’t promise to turn you into a love guru. To be honest, she doesn’t want the competition. Her Darcy is out there somewhere and she doesn’t want him falling for you…
But she does hope the book makes you giggle a bit though, because if your love life is half as dire as hers, that sure beats the hell out of rocking in a dark corner…

Here is what one reader thought of the book, giving a 5* review;

I recognised a number of characters here, and although it made me wince, it also made me laugh out loud, a thing too rare in life! My strong advice is to buy this book, it might just save your life, if only by laughter…..

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