A Gunman’s Destiny by Randy Mixter

A Gunman's DestinyA Gunman’s Destiny by Randy Mixter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

FBI agent Jake Stanton gets a call; Sam Harper is dead. He’s left a flash drive for Jake in case he ever died under suspicious circumstances. Jake wants the case but with the Department of Defence heavily involved it will be a paperwork nightmare. Taking leave of absence he goes undercover.

The Jericho Project was designed to bring someone with terrible injuries back to full health using a hybrid gene. However the trials showed dangerous hostile side effects. The official report said the project was closed down. Sam was working on evidence that it was still running and humans were now being tested.

Jake’s in danger. He runs into two old friends from The Omega Force at Sam’s funeral and together the three of them track down those that want him dead. Charles Preston will go to great lengths to continue with his project and when government funding stopped he went elsewhere. Finally Jake comes face to face with more than one dangerous result of the science experiment.

This was a quick read, well paced and another good book from author Randy Mixter.

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