Gangnam Style #1

Since I first mentioned Gangnam style after I heard about it on the radio one morning during the school run, it has gone global. The Korean rapper PSY is currently number one in the British charts and holds the honour of having the most viewed YouTube video ever, with almost 450 million hits. He was seen at the Korean Grand prix at the weekend waving the chequered flag.

PSY a dancer, rapper, comedian artist and musician, his horse-riding routine is imitated by everyone from Britney Spears to every school child in Britain. Only last evening my son was trying to produce a musical production about a famous person written and sung in Spanish to the background of Gangnam Style. (As you do for Spanish homework?!!)

Long may his success last, and can I have some of that?!!

Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy

Hot news this morning in London from Dave Berry and Lis Snowdon at CapitalFm on the Breakfast show is “Gangnam Style”. PSY-Gangnam Style has got over 157000000 hits on You Tube already after artist Park Jae-Sang tried to teach Britney Spears his moves!

Check it out for some Friday Fun and have a great weekend!