The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

The Rosie ProjectThe Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Professor Don Tillman has few friends, struggles in social situations and shows little emotion, yet he has a brilliant brain. Early on in my reading of this book I wrote down two names which in my view summed up Don; Spock and Mr Bean. To me Don seemed like a combination of the two characters. The book is set in Australia and begins with Don taking over a lecture for a fellow professor where he must give a talk on Asperger’s Syndrome. We are immediately thrown into Don’s world where there is a schedule for everything, thus making Don’s world totally efficient.

However Don’s world is not complete, he wants to share it closely with a fellow human being, but with few friends and no social life he needs a plan. He starts The Wife Project, a complex idea revolving around set of questions and throwing himself into the dating scene. Don has 304 potential candidates from his project and asks his friend Gene to help choose a date. Gene and his wife Claudia coach Don, advise him and nudge him along a path of discovery.

Meanwhile Rosie turns up in Don’s life. Sent by Gene as a wild card and a joke, Rosie disrupts Don’s life. They become friends as Don helps Rosie with her own problems and they devise The Father Project in an attempt to find Rosie’s true biological father using DNA testing and hopes to lay some ghosts to rest. Their project stretches across Australia and even requires a memorable trip to New York. Don is starting to discover things about himself when Rosie forces him to drop his schedules and learn to have fun. He finds the realisation quite disturbing yet promising. Upon their return he embarks on The Don Project in a final attempt to catch the perfect partner for life.

Whilst reading this book Don will quite likely drive you mad, but I couldn’t help also admiring him, his attention to detail, his memory, his dedication. In the end it doesn’t matter if he was an undiagnosed Asperger’s sufferer or not, he made something of his life, he found happiness and he’ll go on learning. I didn’t know anything about this book before I started reading it, I was drawn to the title, obviously! I’m glad I read it, I think often our own paths in life have projects along the way, most not quite as planned out as Don’s.

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Good Deeds week 22nd – 28th September

This project was totally inspired after I read “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Her book may make you laugh or make you cry, but the world would be a better place if we all tried to spread a little love through doing good deeds.

A Year of Doing Good: One Woman, One New Year's Resolution, 365 Good Deeds. by Judith O'Reilly

September 22nd – Sent an invite to a friend asking her to join me at a Macmillan Coffee morning on Thursday. Posted a book review on Goodreads and Amazon for another author. Drafted up a guest author post for a date in October and started reading a new book ready for a book review.

September 23rd – An easy Good Deed today, my morning of helping out at school. My first friend can’t come to the coffee morning, so invited a second friend instead.

September 24th – It’s been a lovely sunny afternoon and I’ve spent it in the garden re-potting plants ready for over wintering. Just had time to finish a book this morning and post the review on a couple of sites.

September 25th – Just a little Good Deed today, as part of the Romancing September tour, Ana Calin had her chance of fame today.

September 26th – Went to the Macmillan coffee morning at the local school and made a generous donation in return for my cup of coffee and a delicious cake. Also bought some cards in support of the local church.

Good deedsSeptember 27th – Still busy in my garden, dropped some money in a “Save the Children Tub” when I nipped in to the supermarket.

September 28th – Sent one of my children out with a box of cakes when she went off on a camping trip. While I’ve been gardening everyday a robin has been my constant garden companion, we have a little relationship going, I empty out pots, replant bulbs and plant out the garden while he gets first pick of the bugs in the soil pile. Then he sings to me and sits on the edge of the next pot that he’d like me to up-end. Sometimes his song is as though he is chatting to me as a friend while we garden together. It’s a wonderful happy time. Wow! That’s another week all done.