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During a visitation by the Angel Gabriel, Mary Miller learns she has been chosen by God to spread the Light and banish darkness and evil, to which end she is given special powers. Her first task is to restore the soul of André, a homeless man, known as the Walking Man. The darkness inside and surrounding André is the demon Than and his sidekick, Lisbeth.

Mary meets Joseph Deacons, who is told by Gabriel he is also one of the chosen and has a undertaking to fulfil. They fall immediately in love and declare themselves soul mates. I wasn’t convinced by Joe (too much blushing and unrealistic dialogue for a man), or the relationship between him and Mary, if I’m honest. There was no discernible depth to them.

I felt the characters in general, were one-dimensional and needed a lot more realism and development. I couldn’t get invested in them at all. André was the only one with any back story, showing how he came to be in his present situation, but the solving of his problems was too quick and glossed over. If I had to pick a particular character it would be Than. He was the most realistic and interesting. I didn’t foresee the twist at the end.

The light versus dark, angels versus demons theme had promise and so much potential. The basic elements were all there but the plot was lacking. There’s not an awful lot happening until the last quarter of the book, apart from a couple of standoffs with Than and Lisbeth that were over too quickly and easily.

The plot is confusing at times in relation to times and events and I do feel good editing and/or a proof reader would have improved this book immeasurably.

3 out of 5 stars

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Princess Of The Light by N.N. Light

Princess of the LightPrincess of the Light by N.N. Light

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Princess Of The Light is an urban fantasy romance with spiritual themes. The idea for this novel came when the author saw a homeless man. She decided to help him and by writing this book hopes to raise money for more homeless people. The inspiration for the character The Walking Man comes from this original homeless man.

So what is the book about? The book has strong biblical lines. Mary Miller is visited by the Angel Gabriel and told that she has been chosen to be The Princess of The Light and fight the dark side. She must specifically help a man called André. Mary can see and hear Gabriel because she has always has psychic abilities.

We also meet Joseph (Joe) Deacons an urban planner for the town of Golden Lake. He meets Mary one morning at her book store and falls instantly in love with her, they can both feel that they have met their soul mate. Joe has also been chosen by God to help Mary and he will be her warrior.

Mary realises that André is The Walking homeless man of Golden Lake and through Gabriel she gets insights into his past life and the reasons he is now homeless and full of darkness. We meet Than and Lisbeth demons who have been spreading the darkness and who battle with Mary over André.

Mary is given special powers to help defeat the darkness and with Joe by her side and the Angels for support light will overcome the dark.

This story is a light read, there is very little depth to it, we read of André’s background, and we get a small insight into Joe’s past. It would have been good to read about Mary and find out more about her. The story does have some huge jumps in it’s timeline in some places and in others I felt we needed more time to make it seem realistic. Mary and Joe’s romantic relationship needed some hiccups and hesitations to make it believable.

I would have liked Mary’s role as Light bearer to have been drawn out with more training and explanations, more teaching or her special powers and definitely hours of hard training in readiness to fight demons, these were glossed over and I missed making any connection to the main characters. The final battle had many characters and for me didn’t quite fit the rest of the book.

This is an extremely difficult book to review because of the good intentions of the author to use proceeds of sales to help others, however for the book to sell the hundreds of copies needed, it must deliver in storyline and content to encourage others to pick it up.

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Good Deeds Challenge Year 2 Week 46

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year, now I am into my second year.

New Good DeedsThis week I’ve been doing the following;

March 1st – Hosted a birthday sleepover last night, so we are all a little tired, but we have to rally as we have relatives coming over for a birthday tea.

March 2nd – My morning helping at school, it’s hard to imagine we are about half way through another school year.

March 3rd – Finished reading The Faerie Tree by local author Jane Cable ready for it’s book launch on March 23rd.

March 4th – Donated money to some hunky men from the army who were doing a cycling challenge in aid of The Ghurkhas. Collected and delivered some items for the charity shop from my relatives. Read The Gift Of Charms by Julia Suzuki, a children’s fantasy book.

March 5th – It’s been a windy day and there is plenty of litter to pick up while I walk through the park. Have been tweeting about World Book Day and The Cornish Reading Challenge, read a book set in Cornwall or from a Cornish author and tweet about it between now and May 9th #CornishReadingChallenge check out @VikkiPatis for more details. Read Princess Of The Light by N.N. Light.

March 6th – Litter picking again on a lovely sunny day. Started reading Breath Of The Titans by Riley Westbrook.

March 7th – Sorted out a birthday gift for a friend. Just finishing the trilogy – Breath Of The Titans it’s a long epic fantasy and this is the full three book series.