Me and Billy The Kid by Briana Vedsted

Me and Billy the KidMe and Billy the Kid by Briana Vedsted

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What do people know about Billy the Kid? The name alone is famous in history and from the silver screen. But what was he really like? Briana has written a book around the stories and tales which abound about this historical character. She has tried to provide possible answers to such questions as; “Why was Sheriff Pat Garrett so bent on catching Billy?”, “Why did Pete Maxwell betray Billy?” and “Was Billy really murdered in 1881?”

Briana introduces Angel Garther to the scene, a women could well had been associated with Billy and his gang. This book is Angel’s tale, the story from her possible eyes. Eyes that saw the reality behind some of famous shootouts, like The Lincoln County War and Gunfight at Blazer’s Mill. Angel is portrayed as a strong women and one who would go to lengths to stay with Billy because she knew that William H Bonney (Billy the Kid) was not a monster, just a kid who’s been hurt a long time ago.

I liked the story, as a kid I loved watching Westerns on a Saturday afternoon. The scenery, the gunfights, the heroes, the goodies and the baddies. It was good to think about what life was more likely to have been, how raw life was, full of hot emotions, where nearly everyone had a gun and men shot first and asked questions second. It certainly was a part of history which shouldn’t be forgotten.

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Romancing September – Briana Vedsted (Day 6)

It’s Day 6 of Romancing September and our guest today is Briana Vedsted, in a few hours you can hear more from Briana over with Stephanie.  Where you can read Briana’s views on writing romance in today’s society.

Briana Vedsted

1) Where is your home town?
Pleasant View, Colorado
2) How long have you been writing?
Roughly seven years. The year I turned thirteen is when I became serious about devoting my time to writing. Before that, I just doodled mostly.
3) “The untold Story of Margaret Hearst” is a short story, was it your first published work?
Yes, it was my first, and I recently updated the ending.   
4) I know that you have now published several books, would you ever consider revising this into a longer romance?
Yes. I really would like to lengthen it into a full size novel, at least 40K. That is my plan, anyway. The ending and main idea would stay the same, but I would like to add more action, extended scenes, and a little more about Margaret and her two love interests, Matthew and L.J.  
5) “The Untold Story of Margaret Hearst” is a historical piece, do you enjoy the research involved in writing a historical piece? Was Margaret Hearst a real person?
I do like the research. I’ve always loved old west history, and I think that shows in my work. But no, Margaret was not a real person. Her parents and brother are real, however. I loved reading about her father, who practically fell into a fortune. I imagined that all rich, upper class families had that one relative that they are ashamed of, and that’s how Margaret was born.  
6) Your writing has a Western theme related to your life, can you tell us a little about your home life?
My parents farm over 1000 acres of alfalfa hay and have a mountain permit with 200 cows. I’ve helped them for the past six years or so. Personally, I like the winter time, when the cows are on the home range and I get to check them on a four-wheeler, opposed to horseback. I’ve got my own little herd and am doing my best to keep expanding. I’m also trying my hand at raising sheep and goats.  
7) I know you also write for a local magazine, writers need all the exposure they can get, who do you write articles for?
I’m a monthly columnist for The Fence Post, but only during the winter when they have more room in their magazine.
8) There’s a big Western writing community out there, would you like to get more involved with it to help promote your work?
Yes, I’d love to have that kind of opportunity. Ok readers I need your help here, can anyone supply links to any Western writing communities?
9) You have another book which intrigues me, “Me and Billy the Kid” is a tale taken from a new angle about a famous outlaw, tell us more.
“Me and Billy the Kid” is about William H. Bonney, alias Billy the Kid. There are so many ‘gaps’ in the history books about his life, so I decided to fill them in with a woman. Her name is Angel. With her being added to the plot, I was able to find answers to the questions “Why Sheriff Pat Garrett was so bent on catching Billy?”, “Why Billy’s friend, Pete Maxwell, betrayed him?”, and “If Billy really was murdered in 1881?” Also, I sought to show people that Billy was not a monster, just a kid who’d been hurt.
10) I know you’ve just released your latest book, “A Girl Named Cord”, I helped promote it here on the blog, but I have a question; your heroine is a “Cow puncher”, don’t laugh at me, but what on earth is one of those?
‘Cow puncher’ is another term for a cowboy, used mostly in Texas a long time ago. Cowboys have other names, like rancher, cowmen, cowpoke, cowhand, buckaroo or vaquero (in Spanish).  
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Thanks for being my guest today Briana, I love that tale about Billy the Kid, I want the answers too!