#BookTwins If You Like Call Of The Canyon, you might like Trusting The Currents by Lynnda Pollio

“If you read … you’ll like …”

When you’ve read a book, do you sometimes find yourself thinking “oh, that really reminds me of *insert name of another book*”?

Welcome to a new feature, in which my team and I make reading suggestions based on your favourites, be they classics, or newer best sellers.  Our recommendations consider not just genre, but writing style, plot—and that ‘feel’ you can’t quite put your finger on.

If You Liked ….Call Of The Canyon by Zane Grey…. you might like Trusting The Currents by Lynnda Pollio

Call Of The Canyon is set in the Sedona area of Arizona. Much of this area is said to be filled with strong cosmic forces conducive to healing and spiritual experiences. Although Call of the Canyon may be seen primarily as a western romance, the magical properties of the land play a part in the story.

While Call of the Canyon is set in the 1920s, Trusting The Currents is set in the 1930s Georgia and is told in a form of conscious story-telling. It is the story of two women: Lynnda Pollio who reached a point in her life when she was ready for a spiritual journey, and Addie Mae, a Southern African-American woman who chose to speak about her own teenage life through Lynnda.

There are two links between the books: Addie Mae’s self-discovery and her strength to break away from the small town expectations, and Call Of The Canyon being on Addie Mae’s own reading list.

Trusting The Currents is a multi-layered book; the poetic writing creates beautiful pictures of 1930s Southern America, and Addie Mae’s rich Southern dialect drops you right into the era. I believe it will appeal to many readers on several different levels.

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