📚An #UrbanFantasy Series Set In #Baltimore. Rosie’s #Bookreview of Dead Rising by @debra_dunbar #ParanormalRomance

Dead Rising (The Templar, #1)Dead Rising by Debra Dunbar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dead Rising is book one of an urban fantasy series set in Baltimore.

Aria is a Templar Knight but is determined to make a life for herself away from the pressures of her upbringing. She has refused to take the final oath which would make her a full time Knight.

She’s approached by the local vampire group who need her help to decipher a dark symbol. They will pay her some much needed money if she can solve the mystery behind the mark. Her research leads her to possible necromancy work and soon Aria is involved with deathly spectres and a revengeful mage.

I liked this story, it was fun and the Templar Knight angle worked well. Aria was a great character and I enjoyed the parts of the Templar Laws that she upheld even if she hadn’t taken the final vows. I also liked Dario who was the vampire that she worked with, while her Great Grandmother Essie was hilarious. My only slight disappointment was that I thought the ending was a little rushed.

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Orange rose book description
Book description

Solaria Ainsworth was born a Templar, destined to take up the mantle of responsibility and duty as her family’s Order had done for hundreds of years.

Except she refuses to take her Oath of Knighthood.
Barely making ends meet in Baltimore, Aria finds it difficult to obtain gainful employment with no work experience and skills in jousting and swordsmanship. Just before she’s served an eviction notice, the Mistress of the local vampire family offers her a job – to research a magical symbol.

It’s an easy task for a woman who has spent every moment of her life either in armor or with her nose in ancient manuscripts. The money’s good, and the seven day deadline should be no problem.
But when her research reveals a sordid connection between the vampires and a mass murder, Aria needs to decide who is in the right and worthy of her protection. Modern Templars believe only God should judge, but Aria must do exactly that or watch the Baltimore streets run red with blood.

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📚Featuring A Very Talented Witch. Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #ParanormalRomance Entwined Within The Darkness by Charley Black.

Entwined Within the Darkness (Within the Darkness, #1)Entwined Within the Darkness by Charley Black
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

Entwined Within The Darkness is a paranormal romance and the first book in a series.

Patience is a talented witch who knows very little about her past. She shares a flat with her best friend Michael, a half-demon, and she works in a wonderful magical bookshop.

On a night out, Patience and Michael go to a Vampire club. Passion and death threats result; Michael bonds with his vampire lover but locks the duo in a dangerous coma. Meanwhile, Patience and Lucius, an infamous witch-hunter, must join forces to save Michael and his mate.

What I liked:
I liked Patience’s witch skills and particularly the bookshop where she worked. I enjoyed the worlds created and the general plot. There were several secondary characters who were also well written and likeable. The first third of the story was very enjoyable.

What I didn’t like so much:
After the first third the story felt a little rushed, a lot more characters were introduced, but they weren’t as rounded as the initial ones. As the story progressed, I felt that Patience lost some of her original finesse as a talented witch while the sexual tug-of-war between her and Lucius became predictable. The ending was odd; I felt that the plot twist did not quite gel with the rest of the storyline.

There is a good story here, and the first part of the book really was entertaining. For me, the latter parts needed more work to maintain the uniqueness of the main characters and to keep the plot fresh.

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Orange rose book description

Book description


A witch, searching for her past, and the witch hunter, determined to kill her.

50 years and she still has no idea who she is.
A witch on a quest to find her past and the key to unlocking her memories.
Burdened by dreams and nightmares that are connected but she cannot remember.
Tormented night after night by the same red eyes.

Waking from another nightmare and sensing new energy in the air, unsure if it is a good or bad omen, Patience decides to let fate take over. A night of fun descends into chaos when she steps through the doors of the Moarte never expecting her best friend, Michael, to begin his transition into a full demon or to have his soul become tethered to the vampire he had been dancing with.

Discovering the vampire’s brother is THE Ragana Zidikas, an infamous witch hunter, she must fight the undeniable attraction between them as they team up to find a soul gem that will give her the power to untether the bond before Michael consumes the vampire’s soul and the Witch Hunter kills her. Can she save her friend in order to save herself, or will the Witch Hunter prove to be her undoing?

Entwined is the first in the Within the Darkness Trilogy and it will end on a cliffy but not for long. An enemies to lovers story with plenty of action, humor, and steam. Stay tuned to read upcoming books in this trilogy! WARNING: Intended for 18+ readers.

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📚Book One Of The Accidental Witches Series📚 Rosie’s #Bookreview of Brimstone And Broomsticks by @debra_dunbar

Brimstone and Broomsticks (Accidental Witches, #1)Brimstone and Broomsticks by Debra Dunbar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brimstone and Broomsticks is book one of the Accidental Witches series of paranormal romances.

Lawyer Cassandra (Cassie) Perkins is the oldest of seven sisters, descendants of a witch who escaped the Salem witch trials. Their Great, Great….Grandmother set up a town where paranormal beings could live side-by-side under an agreed set of rules; usually everyone gets along, if you ignore a little hyperactivity around the full moon.

When the Devil’s son arrives in town, he lands in jail after a bar brawl. What he doesn’t expect is a no-show from his lift home, diminished supernatural abilities and a lawyer who sizzles with witchy powers.

This was a fun story and the first book in a series. There’s a bit of a mystery and trouble with werewolves, but with seven witches in the family, I’m expecting a whole lot more mayhem and entertainment as the stories progress.

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Orange rose book description
Book description

Maintaining the town wards is the only witch-magic Cassandra Perkins performs—well, except for that time she set her ex-boyfriend’s pants on fire. But when she gets stuck defending a man who claims to be the son of the devil against assault charges, Cassie finds herself firing up amulets and dusting off her broomstick.

Who knew a demon could be so hellishly sexy? Or that his arrival could cause so much trouble in a town full of werewolves, trolls, and harpies?

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