Fallen On Good Times by @RewanTremethick #UrbanFantasy

Fallen on Good TimesFallen on Good Times by Rewan Tremethick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fallen on Good Times is an Urban Fantasy. It mixes the American style city of Pilgrim’s Wane in a prohibition like era, similar to those years between 1919 and 1933, with a paranormal world.

P.I. Laslo Kane is a lousy detective, his business hit rock bottom, his girlfriend left him, a friend has been murdered and the only clients who will touch him are not of this world.He’s like to get out and have an ordinary job, something easy like bar work, in a non-alcoholic bar of course. But with prohibition in force and speakeasy’s abundant bar owner Jeanette is rightly suspicious of a detective wanting a job and sends him forcibly on his way.

So when Investment businessman Darius approached Laslo with a very well paid job request he can hardly turn it down. Someone has been depositing money into Darius’ bank account at gunpoint, his latest client has also been murdered and fingers are pointing to The Mob, known as the Pottellis.

Laslo must find out what links recent murders across the city, with the help of reporter Rita Orbit, friend Marcus, a man who can weigh up all the odds and Misty Joe a ghostly medium.

I enjoyed this book, the prohibition setting, and language used for the era were very good. I wanted more answers, I wanted to know who or what was the mystery ally who came with the summons of a dog biscuit. I wanted to know more about Misty Joe and his ghostly adventures and I was sure that Darius was going to be much more sinister in his part in the storyline. So perhaps it’s the sign of a good book if I’m left begging for more from this writer?

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