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For the letter “J” on the A to Z Challenge, the book is Jubilee Violin by Jenny Worstall. Jenny has been a guest author on my blog http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dp and has also joined me on The Very British Blog Tour; http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dQ I have previously read and reviewed another of Jenny’s books called “Make a Joyful Noise” which was beaten to the post in the race for the letter “M” in the challenge, but you can read my review of it here; http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-5F. The book also appears as one of my reviews in the April edition of Fleet Life.

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‘J’ for Jubilee Violin. An inside word from Jenny;
Jubilee Violin is a collection of three short stories. The title story is based on the true story of a very generous lady violinist who could no longer play due to ill ness and so lent her violin to a young student. My daughter is the young student and she played the violin to the Queen as part of the Jubilee celebrations last summer (as a member of a well-known children’s orchestra).

Here is a review by one reader;

In this compilation of three short stories comprising about 3,000 words, author Jenny Worstall displays both her talent and her range: the collection is an eclectic one. Though the stories are brief, they ARE stories, as opposed to mere vignettes or “slices of life,” in that each story involves a protagonist with a clearly stated goal and a decision to make. In each, the protagonist’s decision comes with consequences…The title cut involves an aged violinist who must choose between holding on to her memories and “paying it forward.” In “Turning Point,” a wife and mother decides whether her job is worth the concomitant loss of quality time with her family. “Doll’s House” demonstrates the danger inherent in thinking evil-if perhaps justifiable-thoughts.

I have no hesitation in recommending JUBILEE VIOLIN, and I do so enthusiastically.

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