James Bond, Lord Coe and the Queen

Lord Coe’s book “Running My Life” has extracts published this week in the Times newspaper. I read a report by Andrew Hough of the Daily Telegraph on the matter. Particularly an extract about the Queen’s involvement in the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.

Millions around the world watched a four-and-a-half minutes film which began in Her Majesty’s private study in Buckingham Palace. She briefed 007 (Daniel Craig) on a secret Olympic mission. The Queen was then seen to leave the Palace with Bond and board a helicopter. The helicopter appeared above the Olympic park and we saw the “Queen” parachute out, on cue with her arrival at the stadium moments later. The real parachutists landed nearby. However it was such a closely kept secret that even Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry did not know about it. Prince Charles was seen to laugh rather nervously during the film and the Princes were heard shouting “Go Granny!”

The actual film was shot back in March 2012, when the Queen was preparing for her Diamond Jubilee and Skyfall the latest Bond film was nearing completion.


Sat here watching the opening ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics. The show is once again spectacular. I hope it does much to promote and inspire disabled athletes from across the world.

Had our own mini olympics today; there was the marathon monopoly game, weight-lifting 5 baskets loads of washing! The sprint – to get the washing off the line when it started to rain and the decathlon of household activities that we have undertaken.

Downloaded another flurry of free books to my kindle, I never believed I would be a convert as I love holding a real book, but I’m becoming an addict!

Going to get back to the opening ceremony now.