My book reviews in Print

Fleet Life January 2013 My First set of printed reviews

So proud of my first book reviews in print. Find them in the January issue of Fleet Life. The books I reviewed were; Contented Dementia by Oliver James, The Spook’s Apprentice by Joseph Delaney, Thrift by Phil Church, Tender Flames by Stephanie Hurt and Theodore Boone by John Grisham

Love Bombing

There’s a great article in You magazine today about dealing with grumpy, threatening, depressed,shy, underachieving or hyperactive children. In fact the method sounded good for any number of relationship issues with your child.

“Love Bombing – Reset Your Child’s Emotional Thermostat” is a book written by Oliver James and published by Kamac Books. It describes a technique, quite the opposite to strict punishment, where by you give your child intense love for a set time. The child is told that are going to have a period where they can do whatever they like within reason, whilst having the exclusive attention of a parent. The child is in charge of where they go, what they do, when they eat, when they go to bed along with getting lots of cuddles and being told that they are loved as often as possible. The time frame could be a weekend, a day or short bursts. Afterwards the experience needs to be rekindled daily for a half hour for it to have lasting effects.

Surprisingly the child is willing to accept boundaries afterwards. Often with stricter discipline the child is playing up because they are feeling needy and deprived, loveless and powerless. Love bombing dissolves the anger and neediness leaving calmer more biddable children. It’s more than just “Quality time” it’s about going the extra mile and reaping the benefits. Sounds good to me.

Love Bombing- Reset Your Child’s Emotional Thermostat by Oliver James

Contented Dementia by Oliver James

Mumsnetbloggers were talking about dementia and I picked it up on twitter this morning. It reminded me of a book I had to help care for my own Father-in-law.

This would not be your normal read, however with life expectancy increasing and dementia being diagnosed more, it has become more obvious that there is little training in how to cope as a carer of someone with dementia. Contented Dementia by Oliver James, published by Vermilion ISBN 9780091901806. The book offers ground breaking and practical methods for managing dementia for the patient and the carer.
I read this after my father-in-law was diagnosed with the condition and it helped me and has since helped several other carers. My husband’s Aunt also remembers attending some of the bridge games mentioned in the book where dementia patients attended. She remembers being asked to play bridge and not react to any of the strange behaviour of other players, as they were being encouraged to interact.
Nothing beats personal experience for helping others to deal with an incurable illness. Do read this book and pass it on to someone who could benefit from its content.