Beach Reads Blog Tour 2015 Day 5 #BeachBooks @CathyRy

Day 5 of our beach reads tour and by now we should all be feeling lovely and relaxed on our holidays.

Beach Read Postcard

Today my guest is Cathy Ryan, Cathy is a book reviewer find her blog here

Cathy Ryan

My ideal holiday destination would be a dog friendly, olde worlde cottage with a fire for chilly evenings, a beautiful secluded beach and a view of the sea beyond. It would include a lovely patio area with comfortable squashy chairs, and maybe a hammock, just right for reading and watching the sunset. There’d be a few pleasant walks, cafés and bars/restaurants with pretty terraces nearby.…and maybe some interesting little shops. Possibly a bookshop or two! My iPod and Kindle (so many books taking up such small spaces) travel everywhere with me along with a ‘real’ book or two.
A Book I’ve Been Meaning To Read
I’ve had Night Road by Kristin Hannah for quite a while. After reading and being engrossed by Winter Garden and FireFly Lane I picked up Night Road in paperback but haven’t got round to reading it yet. The blurb really appealed to me….’Vivid, universal, and emotionally complex, NIGHT ROAD raises profound questions about motherhood, identity, love, and forgiveness.’  It also says it’s ‘a luminous, heartbreaking novel that captures both the exquisite pain of loss and the stunning power of hope.’  I like Kristin Hannah’s writing style a lot, it’s very descriptive and vivid and her stories have depth. I’d leave the book at the cottage for someone else to enjoy.
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My Fun Read
I found Off To Be The Wizard by Scott Meyer hugely entertaining, full of geek and pop culture humour. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy book about Martin Banks, a man who finds proof that the reality we are living is actually a computer program. He gets into deep trouble while manipulating the program for his own gain and chooses to escape back to medieval England instead of facing prosecution. Because of the knowledge and gadgets he has from his own time, he is able to pose as a wizard. And he’s not the only one who has found the file and evaded capture, landing in Medieval England! Definitely the audiobook for this one, Luke Daniels makes me laugh out loud with his brilliant narration and range of character voices.
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A Book From My Favourite Genre
Hmm…favourite genre is a difficult choice, I enjoy so many. Looking at my tag cloud crime and murder are high on the list. Not sure what that says about me! Anyway, with that in mind I’ll go for Sick by Brett Battles. This pre apocalyptic story is the first in the Project Eden series, beginning with a parent’s worst and devastating nightmare. A secret organisation wants to wipe out most of the world’s population with a deadly virus and restart humanity with the people they consider worth saving. It’s an intense and moving start which sets up the series brilliantly. I chose the audiobook because it’s excellently performed by one of my favourite narrators, MacLeod Andrews.
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A Book That Interests Me
A book that interests me, and might actually straddle another of the categories, is Secrets of Meditation by Davidji. I’ve been listening to, and enjoying, his free weekend guided meditations for a little while now and decided to purchase the book on the strength of those meditations. The whole process of meditation, mindfulness and conscious choice making sometimes seems quite overwhelming but apparently this book helps to dispel the myths. It’s on my kindle, as yet unopened. Just haven’t got round to it. Never having read anything of this sort before I think it might also come under the self help/inspirational heading and be a good read to ease back into ‘real life’ after a relaxing holiday.
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A Book To Escape With
I am, and always have been, an Elvis fan and love the concept of this book, and taking wishful thinking to the absolute limit, can almost believe it could have happened. It’s a complete escapist read for me. What if Elvis was really alive and well, and working as a PI in Los Angeles. Taking all the rumours that have abounded over the years one step further J. R. Rain has created a quirky and light hearted story of Elvis’ life after he faked his own death. Extensive reconstructive facial surgery has changed his appearance, although there’s still that fleeting glimpse of familiarity, and for the last thirty some years he’s been living as the likeable and sarcastically witty Aaron King. It’s a sympathetic portrayal of an ageing man who can’t quite distance himself from the past. A great story and I’d (probably ) leave the book for others to enjoy.
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