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Of Water and DragonsOf Water and Dragons by Kelley Heckart
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Of Water And Dragons is a tale of Celtic mythology set in Roman Britain.

An injured Roman soldier is rescued and healed by a water fairy. Nemu has spent many years alone in her forest; she hasn’t realised that she felt loneliness until patient is ready to return to his legion.

Ambiorix is both attracted to and horrified by Nemu; her wings frighten him, but he is also romantically drawn to her. When Ambiorix goes back to civilisation, Nemu wanders through some of Celtic Britain, then goes in search of Ambiorix’ home on the borders; his stories of it intrigued her.

This is a story of battles, druids, Romans and magical mysticism. I could easily picture the settings of the era and Nemu was a wonderful character. The Celtic and spiritual aspects drew me into this story, but I also enjoyed the touches of Roman Britain.

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Book description

Do you like enemies to lovers romances with magic, mythology, and Roman history?
Of Water and Dragons weaves the Roman history and Celtic lore of ancient Britain and Scotland to create an unforgettable story of love and sacrifice. They were destined to meet, but they will have to fight everything they believe in to stay together. Nemu, a half-human, half-water faery woman, lives in the untamed land the Romans call Caledonia. Soon after the devastating battle of Mons Graupius ends, she finds a wounded Roman soldier named Ambiorix. Despite her distrust of humans, she takes him in and heals his wounds. Ambiorix is a Roman soldier with a strong sense of duty. He’s been taught that the Celts are barbaric and need to be conquered, but when Nemu heals him after the Romans win a key battle over the Celtic armies, he questions everything he has been taught. Though they are from different worlds, they are mysteriously drawn to each other, but unforeseen forces keep them apart until their worlds collide in a fury of fire, blood, and darkness. ˃˃˃ This compelling story mixes Roman military history with Celtic mythology. Of Water and Dragons takes place on the mystical island of Britannia from the dark enchanted lochs of Scotland to the grand bathhouses of Roman Britain. The battle of Mons Graupius in AD 84 is one of the most profound battles in history when the Romans, though greatly outnumbered, defeated the Celtic tribes of ancient Scotland and furthered the expansion of the Roman Empire.

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