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Today’s team review is from Cathy, she blogs here

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Cathy has been reading The Wild Water series by Jan Ruth.

Wild Water Box Set

Wild Water begins the story of Jack Redman who works in the Cheshire branch of his family’s very successful estate agency business. To all outward appearances he has it all, the up market car, the big house, a beautiful, if high maintenance, wife and three lovely children. But Jack’s life is thrown into turmoil when Patsy, his selfish and materialistic wife, admits to an affair and leaves the family home with their younger daughter. Jack has felt something was amiss for a while but certainly wasn’t expecting the train wreck which was now his life. And things were getting worse. His father has had a health scare leaving Jack to run both the Cheshire and North Wales branches. Jack is run ragged and very unhappy. Meeting up with Anna, his first love, in Wales, when she lists her farm for sale is the only thing keeping him sane.

In Dark Water Jack and Anna seem poised on the brink of a life together, and Anna’s artistic talent is about to be recognised. But then the past rears its ugly head in the shape of Simon Banks, Patsy’s ex-lover and the father of her first child. He is unstable and a danger to everyone’s peace of mind, determined to be a part of his daughter’s life, regardless of how it impacts on the rest of the extended Redman family.

Anna is feeling overwhelmed and unsure in the aftermath of Jack’s decisions, and their lives become ever more complicated. As the strain intensifies they both make mistakes which causes uncertainty and misunderstandings between them, culminating in a disastrous incident which comes back to haunt them and add to the confusion and turmoil of their lives.

Silent Water sees Jack’s impulsiveness and, mostly unwise, ways of dealing with the ongoing crises continue to threaten his and Anna’s lives together, despite his good intentions. The spectre of Simon Banks is never far away and Jack’s future looks bleak and uncertain. Anna isn’t content to let Jack deal with everything anymore, and takes more control over her life and career. As Patsy’s misery deepens into depression she becomes more calculating than ever, causing havoc without a second thought. It’s seeming less and less likely that Jack and Anna will be able to achieve a happy ever after ending to their turbulent lives.

A story driven by characters who are all very well drawn and real, with deep and complex issues. Their lives are interwoven seamlessly and full of emotional ups and downs. Funny, loveable Jack, who I couldn’t help but sympathise with, while at the same time wanting to shake some sense into him. He cares about those people who matter to him above all else, and wants to do what he believes is best for them. More often than not though, it backfires and makes the situation even worse. Anna, likeable, independent and warm-hearted, never really got over her feelings for Jack, and seeing him again brings back long buried emotions. I was particularly moved reading the scene with Anna and Benson, the labrador. On the other side of the coin is Patsy, manipulative and selfish with no regard for others’ feelings, even her own children. She will go to any lengths to get what she wants. Lottie, and the humorous back and forth dialogue between her and Jack, is brilliant especially as she approaches puberty.

I love the North Wales setting, which Jan Ruth describes in rich and beautifully evocative detail, with a vivid and visual writing style.

An excellent plot which veers into darker territory, giving it an extra layer of tension, depth and drama. The complicated relationships between a great and diverse mix of characters, are credible and feel true to life, portrayed in such a way as to provide an opportunity to experience emotions from the individual’s point of view. The pacing is perfect, allowing the narrative to become continuously more gripping. A wonderfully compelling trilogy, told with humour, compassion and an understanding of the complexities of life and relationships. Great twist at the end too.

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Wild Water by Jan Ruth

Wild WaterWild Water by Jan Ruth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wild Water is a contemporary novel set in two main locations, Wilmslow, Cheshire and Conway, North Wales. Jack Redman runs a busy family estate agency. He’s juggling jobs, with his father away from the Welsh office and his right hand lady about to leave his office in Wilmslow. Add to this he has three children and a high maintenance wife who is causing her own problems.

It’s close to Christmas and Jack’s Dad is stuck in Spain for a while longer after a heart flutter. Jack must head to the Conway office and look after a big potential sale. It turns out that the client is Anna Williams an old sweet-heart. Seeing Anna again drags up past memories and Jack enjoys the relief from his own life that the distraction that Anna provides.

Christmas is very strained for Jack. He has a seven year old, desperate for a puppy, a fifteen year old going off the rails at school and then his wife Patsy ups and leaves too. Jack’s a complete mess and so is his life. His son Oliver runs away and turns up at Anna’s. Jack finds himself confiding in Anna and worries he’s on the rebound.

I wanted to say “Jack, Jack, Jack, what are you doing with your life?” But I also fell slightly in love the him too. The Welsh farmhouse, sounded very romantic, despite it falling to bits around their heads. I wanted to be on that Spanish holiday they took and I wanted to be a wedding guest and be the first one to throw some food. I loved the line in Jack’s wedding speech “The only mistake is to stop loving.” I shed a tear too. And if I could only speak Welsh I could pronounce Llyn Gwyllt which means wild water in Welsh, this book certainly had plenty of choppy waters before it completed it’s tale.

This is the first book I’ve read by Jan Ruth and I look forward to reading some more.

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Jan will be our guest author on the blog tomorrow, come back and find out more about here and her writing.

Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT – Wild Water by Jan Ruth, reviewed by Elizabeth

Rosie’s Book Review Team today brings you a review from Elizabeth, she blogs at

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Elizabeth chose to review Wild Water by Jan Ruth


Here is her review.

Wild Water by Jan Ruth

Writing contemporary family drama is probably the most difficult genre in which to achieve success, so it was a pleasure to find myself instantly immersed in the ever increasing disasters of Jack, the unlikely hero of “Wild Water.” Successful estate agents from the wealthiest part of Cheshire don’t come to mind as empathetic characters, but Jack works hard, cares about his family and has sufficient stress to justify his intermittent smoking habit. His faithless wife Patsy, however, is difficult to like. Her parental skills leave much to be desired and she always seems to be in search of better things.

And then the reader meets Anna, a quiet, artistic lady from Jack’s past who is trying to survive in an old, crumbling house in North Wales, by taking in guests. Like Jack, she has a teenage son, but her life is also complicated. She is warm, likeable and calm, in total contrast to workaholic, impulsive Jack. Their lives are entwined by Jack’s large complex family and ever more momentous events.

It is the strong characterisation which make “Wild Water” such an enjoyable read. Jack’s children, his mother Isabel and especially his brother Danny are all given clearly identifiable personalities and the possibility of new stories to follow. Some of their names, such as Chelsey, are stereotypical and the break-up of a family is almost normal these days but the twists and turns of the plot combined with the emotional response this invoked kept me turning the pages avidly.

Combining the beautiful description of the Welsh countryside with a roller-coaster storyline makes “Wild Water,” an ideal holiday read and I can’t wait to read the follow up “Dark Water.”

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Guest Author Natalie Taylor

I decided to have a bit of a change in the way I interview guest authors, so without further ado let me tell you about Natalie Taylor.

Natalie Taylor Author

I recently read Natalie’s first book and reviewed it here on the blog. Here is a reminder of the review;

The Desire to Touch (The Desire to Duology Book 1)The Desire to Touch by N. Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book grew on me, I was a little hesitant at the start and thought the main character was going to be a spoilt brat, but then we started to get hints of deeper issues. The snippets of information became intriguing and more characters came into the scene, I wanted to know answers about the family just like Ellie. I’m glad the book ended on a cliff hanger, there were too many ends to tie up. The book does contain adult material which is handled well and I’m glad there is a depth to the story which I’m sure will continue in the next book.

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Let’s find out a bit more about Natalie;

1) Where is your home town?
I currently live in Flintshire, North Wales – UK but I grew up in Surrey. I live in a nice little town called Flint, where on a good day you can see the River Dee but on rainy ones it’s mainly clouds – all the best bits of living on the side of a very small mountain. (Sorry I’ve just got to sing…Flintstones, meet the Flintstones…like you’ve never heard that before!) Sorry serious face back on, let’s carry on…
2) What inspired you to write “The Desire to Touch”?
For years I’d had this reoccurring fantasy of what it would be like to meet a certain movie star (no names mentioned lol). (Oh Go on we won’t tell anyone!) I ended up making the fantasy into a dream and thought to myself, ‘Well maybe this would make a pretty good book one day.’
3) Can you describe Ellie’s character, from your book, to our readers?
Ellie is a 24 year old girl, who in the past few years has had to deal with the most horrific circumstances of her life. She used to be loud, brash and outgoing but now she is timid, quiet and tries to stay out of the limelight. She over thinks everything and second guesses herself at every opportunity with the help of her “Angel & Devil” advisers  (which are her coping mechanism). Throw into the mix that she is clumsy – she’s your all round average girl.
4) Ellie has a hidden past which is hinted at throughout the book, did you plan the reveal or did it evolve with the book?
I always planned to reveal, I just wasn’t sure when. So in truth it was a bit of both, it was planned but the reason’s to when it came out had evolved with the plot line.
5) There is adult material in your book, I read an article once advising writers about getting into “The Zone” before attempting to write any form of erotica, do you find it easy to write or do you set aside a time and place to write those scenes?
When it came to the ‘naughty’ scenes I definitely had to be in the zone. Some times it’s easy enough for me to write it and others I have to go back to it when I can completely submerge myself into the mood. I have a son who tends to hang around me in the evenings so I can’t write anything until he’s in bed, having cartoons on in the background has an impeding affect on the thought process lol! So in the evenings I sit at my desk with my headphones in my ears and as soon as I find the right song, I put it on repeat until it’s written.
6) Do you think there is always room for more romance fiction? Why do you think women devour romance books?
I believe there is endless opportunities for the romantic fiction genre – its something that most women and men love to read, I just feel that it’s about making it more exciting for the reader. Personally I love romance books because I fall in love with the characters and dream of meeting the hunky, heroic man myself one day. The books are a great escape, if only for a little while, into a world that someone else has created for me to enjoy.
7) You said you started writing after you and your friends read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “The Crossfire trilogy” I know of a couple of men who read “Fifty Shades of Grey” How do you think romance could be sold to more men?
I’m not sure, I guess each read is a case of personal taste, not everyone is going to like what the person next to them likes. Possibly more books from the male perspective?
8) Ellie’s story continues in “The Desire to Love”, are you planning your next book?
“The Desire to love” is now available on Amazon – which has been received well so far. I am currently writing another adult romantic fiction book currently called ‘Play me Away’ which I hope will be ready for sale in October.
If you are interested in “The Desire to Love”, follow either of these links; or
A BIG thank you to Natalie for being my guest today and Good Luck with the new book, I’ll be posting my review of “The Desire to Love” in a few days time.