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Failosophy for TeensFailosophy for Teens by Elizabeth Day

Failosophy is a book written for teens on the subject of failure. It provides a seven step coping method which is interlaced with tips and true stories from a selection of celebrities.

Author Elizabeth Day has written this book in conjunction with her podcasts and live shows. It is an interesting subject, particularly with so much peer and social media pressure that focuses on success. Everyone fails at something and this book looks at ways to see adverse outcomes as life-lessons, and it also offers advice on how to cope with lack of success in many spheres of life.

The teen years can be tough, so this book may be very useful, especially to someone who feels isolated and alone due to their perception of their own failures.

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Orange rose book description

Book description


Pretty much all of us would like to feel happier, less anxious, more successful and at ease with ourselves. Right?

The key may surprise you: FAILURE!

Failosophy For Teens is an inspiring and empowering guide to those moments when life doesn’t go to plan. Using personal experience and stories shared by guests on her award-winning podcast, How to Fail, Elizabeth’s book is full of creative and inspiring advice on how to:

– talk openly about failure
– turn failure into success
– build resilience for when life sends you curveballs
– reframe negative thoughts about yourself

. . . and much more!

Failing better is the key to learning, growing and ultimately loving yourself as the truly AWESOME human being you are. Failosophy For Teens will challenge your self-perception and change your life!

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📚The #Biography of Psychic Connie Castro Jackson📚 Rosie’s #Bookreview Of Cut Open The Sky by @CorlissCorazza #TuesdayBookBlog

Cut Open the Sky: The Story of Connie Castro JacksonCut Open the Sky: The Story of Connie Castro Jackson by Corliss Corazza
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cut Open The Sky is the biography of psychic Connie Castro Jackson. Written in the first person, the author has transcribed Connie’s story as it was told to her.

Connie was born in 1937 right at the end of the Dust Bowl era; her mother had moved from Oklahoma two years before and became one of the many migrant workers who picked fruit and lived in labour camps. Life was hard; much of Connie’s drive in life was to raise herself out of poverty.

By the age of six Connie wanted to be a hairdresser, then in her early twenties she was introduced to spirituality. This wasn’t straightforward and Connie had much to learn on her journey. In this books she talks candidly about her life, her family and her psychic ability.

This is a book for those who are interested in their spiritual journey. Mixed with Connie’s story are lessons and snippets to take away with you; I found it very interesting. I have not heard of Connie before now, but this book arrived on my desk as part of a connection to other books that I have been reading recently. Connie would say that this is more than a coincidence and I agree.

An easy to read story and an inspiring one if you are interested in psychics and a spiritual life.

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Orange rose book description

Book description

Connie Castro Jackson was born in the San Joaquin Valley labor camps of California during the Great Depression to her white mother who had fled Oklahoma’s Dust Bowl and a Filipino man who worked beside her in the camps.

From a very early age, Ms. Jackson recognized in herself the ability to see spirits, but also struggled against racism and a sense of inferiority. Eventually, she broke free from her beginnings to build a career as a psychic, channeler, and spiritual advisor. Author Corliss Corazza brings to life Ms. Jackson’s salty wit and common sense advice in this as-told-to story of one woman’s spiritual journey and the development of her psychic abilities.

A heartwarming embrace from a talented empath and a resource full of useful wisdom, Cut Open the Sky, is a book for readers who are interested in the migrant laborer’s plight as well as the spiritual side of life.

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