Night Watch by Linda Hall

Night WatchNight Watch by Linda Hall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Night Watch is a mystery set in Maine. It has a sailing theme and opens with a long dream scene in which Em Ridge dreams about her dead husband. It’s still painful for her to remember him, but at the moment she’s Captain Ridge of Blue Peace a luxury sailboat which she is taking to Bermuda for it’s owner.

On board ship she’s woken to the news that Kricket, the owner’s daughter has gone overboard. Scrambling to find her they finally haul out her dead body from the cold sea. They are forced to head into the mainland and are met by the coastguard and Officer Ben Dunlinson who begins an investigation into the girl’s death.

The crew are taken for questioning and afterwards Em meets Dr Meyer who was a coroner in the investigation of her husband Jesse’s death. He talks about some queries he had with the case and offers to do some more digging. The mystery continues and Em and her crew find themselves tangled in a complicated web of treachery.

This is a well paced mystery with a great setting.

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