Are you a believer?

Are you a believer?.

This post is dedicated to Diane, a neighbour of mine who died a few years ago after a struggle with breast cancer, I used to pop in and keep her company, cook some of her meals and do a bit of washing. On occasions I even took her to the doctors and one weekend spent several hours with her at hospital. One line I left out of the story was this message ” I didn’t die of the cancer, it was my heart that gave up” she said.

I’m glad she beat the cancer it’s a cruel disease.

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank-you for coming this evening….” The man on stage began his introductions. I’d been having a one sided conversation for days with an ex-neighbour, about coming to this show.

“A lady came to see me earlier, whilst I was in my dressing room, I don’t usually allow this, but she was very pleasant, she asked if I’d enjoyed my recent holiday. She recalled her last holiday where she had sadly fallen ill. We chatted for a while before I ushered her away, saying that I needed to prepare for the show. I felt she never left, she hovered close by.

I’d like to introduce you to this lady now, her name is Diane. She’s come this evening to see a friend, not a relative but a neighbour. Is there anyone in the audience called Rose? No sorry Rosie who would know this lady?”

Goosebumps ran up and down my neck and I felt myself pushed from behind. Strange when I sat on the back row. I slowly raised my hand and a camera on the stage swung to me. I saw myself pictured on the stage screen. A microphone was passed.

“Do you know a Lady called Diane?”

“Yes!” I stammered. My friend stood next to me in support, the attention was making me tremble.

“Your neighbour?”

“Yes” I confirmed

Back and forth went questions.

“Max Bygraves, she loved Max Bygraves”

“I don’t know, possibly” I couldn’t remember, Diane had only been my neighbour for 5 years and Max was a little in the past.

“Toothbrushes! A pink and a blue one, in fact you and your friend, just look at you, you’re wearing blue and your friend is in pink” This made the audience laugh and the tension eased, I remember choosing to wear the blue jumper earlier, a coincidence?

My friend said she had been buying toothbrushes in the shop where Diane used to work earlier that day and arguing with her husband over the pink and blue ones. I didn’t understand a connection with toothbrushes. I shook my head.

“It’s ok, it will come to you later perhaps, let’s thank this lady for being a part of the show” The audience applauded and we sat down, I was a bit shocked.

I had such strong feeling from the show that it kept playing over and over in my mind. I needed to phone a friend, but broaching this subject with an Irish Catholic on a Sunday wasn’t ideal, I left it until Monday.

The phone call went like this…

“Hi Margaret…. I saw a show with a spiritual medium on Saturday and I think Diane came through.”

“I’ll just top up my Gin love and then you can carry on….” she said.

“Right then, I’m sitting down now, do you know, Diane and I always wanted to go to one of those shows, she was a real believer. What happened?”

I told her about Diane’s spirit approaching the medium in his dressing room. She hooted with laughter, “That would be her alright, always one to be at the front of any queue we were in. “Coming through, it’s my birthday!” She’d announce, that women had more birthdays than anyone else!”

“Diane mention Max Bygraves and toothbrushes, does that mean anything to you?”

“Ha ha ha! Oh my life! It was her. She loved Max Bygraves! When our kids were young and later when we’d had a few Gins we’d sing that song by him;

“You’re a pink toothbrush, I’m a blue toothbrush, have we met somewhere before?”

We talked some more, I was left with a glowing feeling of happiness. Putting the experience down on paper doesn’t do it justice. YOU JUST HAD TO BE THERE!

Good Deeds Week June23rd – 29th

During this week I will officially pass my 10th week of Good Deeds, I started back on April the 16th, a Tuesday. Now I blog from Sunday to Saturday giving you, my readers, a weekly update on my challenge to follow in the footsteps of Judith O’Reilly author of “A Year of Doing Good”, who inspired this series of posts. If this book is new to you catch up with my review of the book here

My challenge is to complete at least 1 Good Deed a day for a year. I have already inspired others to take up the challenge and to draw on the good effect this can have on their own lives and I am especially thrilled to hear each week of others who are picking up the baton. I hereby invite you to join in too and let me know how you got on and what surprises came to you as a result.

Here’s an example; I have baked cakes and cookies which I take as gifts to friends when I visit, then the good came back to me and I won a years supply of rice and pasta! Which again I turned into a good deed as I have been able to give much of it away after providing free meals for my family.

Friends and family pass on books to me which I read, review and blog about, in turn more people send me books and the cycle continues. I pass on my love of books across the globe and back again.

Good deedsJune 23rd – I now look forward to Sunday posts where I catch up with Harula and we swop our Good Deed posts, they inspire us to continue and it’s so lovely to read what others are doing. Here is a link to Harula’s blog for you to enjoy her posts as much as me. Sent 2 books to my mother-in-law to read and received 3 books back from her for me to read.

June 24th – Drove my daughter and two of her school friends to the Sixth Form College for their taster morning, helped to start some new paperwork checks at work which need implementing. Rang another work colleague and offered some extra help. Found my jam jar of saved coins in the kitchen and realised that I’d not put any money in it for a while. Added some money.

June 25th – Found money on the ground near my car at work, so saved it for my jam jar. I’m the person who goes around looking at the ground, usually to stop myself tripping over invisible objects, but it does mean I have the potential to spot shiny objects on the ground. Over the years I’ve found quite a lot of money; My best was £20 at the Boxing Day races! I certainly came home with more than I won on the horses! I once found £10 on the floor of a charity shop, but I felt I couldn’t pocket that due to the location, I was quite gutted at the time! Anyway back to today, I was going to dodge out of work quickly when my conscious reminded me of a phone call which needed making. I hesitated, should I pretend to forget it and leave it for someone else? No! my “Good Deeds” inner voice shouted! Oh Bother! Took 2 minutes to make the phone call which didn’t make any dent in my time, but meant the job was done. “See, I was right” said my inner Good Deeds voice smugly. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Replied my inner adolescent child.

June 26th – The July issue of Fleet Life has arrived and I’ve scanned my page of book reviews ready to post on Monday when the online version goes live. Due to the imminent summer holidays, deadlines for the August and September issues all have to be completed by the 19th July, so today I’ve sent off my copy for the August issue. I love doing the “Big Reveal” at the beginning of each month and sometimes surprising authors with the news of their free book promotion.

June 27th – It’s school prom night tonight, so I’m firstly a taxi driver today as the girls get ready. Later tonight they are going to the prom in a horsebox! Which they’ve done up like a party bus. Have bought snacks for any of the pre or post prom parties and I have got flowers and beers for the two wonderful parents who are providing the transport and the after party sleepover. Posted a devilish writing prompt on the community storyboard site involving writing using a dialect.

June 28th – It’s Friday and the evening is warm and sultry, so I’ve decided to go and watch my son play cricket under the false pretences that it will be a lovely way to spend a few hours. However out team’s game has been allocated the pitch in the middle of a field with very little shelter and the black clouds are heading our way. Then it starts to rain! Rain doesn’t stop much play in youth cricket, so I huddled with other mother’s under umbrella’s as we muttered about the umpires and the English weather. My good deed was being their to support the team who played badly in poor conditions, we clapped each lad who bravely faced bowlers who had better luck and sad as it may be us Mum’s were thankful when the game ended early as the opposition walked all over our team. We hurried back to the warmth of our waiting cars and left the menfolk mumbling about the state of play. I gathered are a few pieces of litter and couldn’t wait to get home!

June 29th – Agreed to review 2 more books for authors, finished reading another book and posted my review on the blog and at Goodreads. Will sort out some more books to pass on to my Mother-in-law. Took cakes when we went to tea with the relatives. Did some weeding in the garden and watered some thirsty looking plants for the mother-in-law. Hope this made up for the fact that I had to tell her that the jam was “off”, my son said the pate smelt “funny” and my husband commented on the cracked china – oops!

The Community Storyboard- A Brand New Blog

community board

Yesterday saw the launch of The Community Storyboard blog, a place for writers, poets and authors to meet. Follow the link to meet a growing group of fellow people who all love to write.

It’s a blog intending to feature short fiction, non-fiction or poetry. Check out the submission guidelines if you would like to have a piece of work posted.