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I should say at the beginning that I read the kindle version of this book but it features eleven original songs and one adaptation of a public domain folk song. To hear them played and sung you can get the full cast audiobook of Songwriter Night: a musical romance from Audible or wherever you like to get your audiobooks and podcasts.

This story is set in Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital of the world. Two songwriters, hoping to make it big one day meet in a coffee house. Lyle is struggling to stay focused on his writing because of Trish who he’s struggling to keep his eyes off of from across the room. He buys her a drink and they get talking. She’s new in town and has few contacts so eventually Lyle invites her to come along to one of his songwriter nights that he hosts a couple of times a month.

The majority of this book is taken up with the events at the songwriter night, and it’s really entertaining. Only a few people attend but it’s clear they know each other well and get along. However, someone from the past turns up on this particularly evening and rocks the boat with their forthright opinions. Trish appears drawn to this character though and Lyle fears it’s not him she’s interested in after all.

The lyrics for the songs are throughout the book and I think it would have been really entertaining to have listened to the audio version of this. It’s a really great idea for a book and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even without the music.

Highly recommended for all those who love music and romance.

Book description

In this sweet romantic novella, Lyle and Trish are two aspiring Country music songwriters that meet at a Nashville coffee house. With Trish being new in town, Lyle invites her to his monthly gathering of songwriters to get to know her better. The evening of quirky characters and light-hearted singing is interrupted by the arrival Aiden Bronson. He’s got a hit song on the radio, and he’s back to show off, stirring up some rivalry while he’s at it. How will Lyle compete against Aiden’s charisma and talent in order to win Trish’s heart?

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56828579. sy475