A Case For Detective Antonio Vargas. Rosie’s #Bookreview Of Murder On The Gold Line by Muzaffar Khaleeli

Murder On The Gold Lone by Muzaffar Khaleeli

3 stars

Murder On The Gold Line is a crime fiction story which begins in California with the murder of a man on the Gold Line train route. Detective Antonio Vargas takes on the case which expands across multiple continents and draws in a rich cast of characters.

The story dots back and forth as it follows the trail of those who are involved in the case, each time building up useful background stories. Russians become heavily involved and it is up to Detective Vargas to sift through all the clues to solve the murder.

I was drawn to the book by the opening chapters and the concept. The story had a lot of characters and at times it was hard to remember who they all were. This was a medium-paced book and at times it dragged; with just a little more fine tuning it could have felt more edgy and thrilling. Overall, an okay story; it would benefit from another run through with a good proofreader as I picked up quite a few grammatical errors, but if you don’t mind these and are interested in the subject matter then this may be the book for you.

Desc 1

I was murdered on the Gold Line. By the time the train reached Lake Station, I was dead. No one noticed as it appeared that I was sleeping. A little awkwardly. My head was sunk in my chest, my eyes rolled back in their sockets, only the whites visible, hidden behind my mirrored sunglasses.

But who would want to kill the Director of a polling institute?  Someone who thinks the Director has found out too much and could jeopardize his access to the highest office in the county. In his debut novel, the author, Muzaffar Khaleeli, links the story of three spies, two national leaders and a pair of faith crossed lovers who are entangled by this murder.

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