Exciting New Boardgame

This morning I’ve been reading about an exciting new board game called “Market Meltdown” Invented by Will Sorrell it has been described as Monopoly on drugs.

Each player navigates a private jet around a board, getting Banker’s bonuses and playing the stock market in the form of a roulette wheel. Everytime a player passes go, they must pay back their creditors double the sum they have borrowed, forcing them to borrow more and make more desperate gambles. The winner is the last “rogue trader ” standing. The game was developed in the wake of another Wall Street Crash and never lasts more than 45 minutes, it is designed to be quick and energetic. priced at £29.99 it’s not cheap, but it is flying off the shelves in Fortnum and Mason.


Here is my 11 things about me;

1) I get a giggle out of crazy golf!

2) We love Monopoly in this house, we have editions from NY, New Zealand,London 2012,Make your own Monopoly as well as the original version. Always looking for more!

3) I love the sea and need to spend at least a day or two in its vast presence every year.

4) I’d love to live in a large rambling beach side property especially on a stormy night.

5) I’m a farmer’s daughter.

6) As well as writing books, I need a job to help pay the bills! I do book-keeping.

7) It was a book which inspired me to pick up on my childhood dream of writing a book.

8) I love Sylvia Browne and Psychic Sally Morgan. They are remarkable people.

9) I never get tired of reading books

10) I prefer a book to watching the TV

11) I never want to take another exam in my life. Way too stressful! I took exams in rural Business administration a few years ago and about 17 years after my last exams. The course was great, it was the stress on the exams days which nearly killed me!

Olympics Still Here

Spent the afternoon playing the Olympic Games Edition of Monopoly. The properties are the Olympic Venues such as the velodrome, Eton Dorney and the Olympic Stadium. The “Chance” and “Community Chest” are “Heats” and “Finals” cards. Examples of  playing tokens are a London taxi, Wenlock and a train. “Houses and Hotels” are “Seating Stands and Stadiums”. There is even an extra speed dice to make the game quicker if you choose. A fantastic keepsake and a reminder about the fantastic Games once it’s all over.

Don’t forget playing Monopoly is a great way to help the kids with maths!