Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert

Johnny NothingJohnny Nothing by Ian Probert

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Johnny Nothing is written for children aged 11 upwards, but is readable as an adult. This book should appeal to young boys and girls and should do a good job in encouraging boys to continue reading.

Johnny is a dull child, bored with life, ordinary and poor, until he’s left £1 million by Uncle Marley. The adults in Johnny’s life can’t believe his luck and there is the chance to inherit more. If Johnny can come back in 1 years time with proof of a profit, then he can get £10 million.

Johnny is given a cash card, but as soon as they leave the funeral his Mum snatches it and goes on a very long spending spree, without spending any on Johnny. After 8 months of spending Johnny can stand it no more and puts a stop to his mother, but he finds himself giving away his money to people in need. Suddenly there is nothing left and Johnny once again has nothing. Is there any possible way Johnny can still get hold of the £10 million at the end of one year? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

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Ian is our guest author on the blog tomorrow, do come back and find out more about him.

Meanwhile let’s have some fun, what would you do to turn a profit from £1 million if you were an 11 year old boy?

Wake up Millionaire by Patric Chan

Wake Up MillionaireWake Up Millionaire by Patric Chan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I downloaded this book a while ago, and forgot about it until recently. A suitable style of Self-help/advice book to read at the end of a year when people often reflect on their year and set themselves some goals for next year. Wake up Millionaire looks at ways of re-training your mind to think differently and change your monetary opportunities and ultimately your income. Patric tells you about how he changed his life and where he thinks future opportunities lie for people to make money. It revolves around the internet, your networking abilities, your attitude, gratitude and your ability to enjoy what you have. I found a lot of the book helpful, some of it a little daunting and much of it reinforcement of messages from other people’s writing, so perhaps I am already on the right path for my life. Do read this book if you want to be inspired to make changes in your own life for the better.

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