Wake up Millionaire by Patric Chan

Wake Up MillionaireWake Up Millionaire by Patric Chan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I downloaded this book a while ago, and forgot about it until recently. A suitable style of Self-help/advice book to read at the end of a year when people often reflect on their year and set themselves some goals for next year. Wake up Millionaire looks at ways of re-training your mind to think differently and change your monetary opportunities and ultimately your income. Patric tells you about how he changed his life and where he thinks future opportunities lie for people to make money. It revolves around the internet, your networking abilities, your attitude, gratitude and your ability to enjoy what you have. I found a lot of the book helpful, some of it a little daunting and much of it reinforcement of messages from other people’s writing, so perhaps I am already on the right path for my life. Do read this book if you want to be inspired to make changes in your own life for the better.

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The Osiriad by Sue Vincent

The Osiriad: Isis and Osiris, the Divine LoversThe Osiriad: Isis and Osiris, the Divine Lovers by Sue Vincent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a delightful book which looks at the role of stories throughout history and their purpose in explaining day and night, the seasons and life and death. By looking at the Egyptian Gods, Sue retells the birth of the Egyptian world through the eyes of the God Isis. The Egyptians are known across the world and the stories of their Gods are echoed in many other religions. In fact Sue adds her own thoughts at the end of this book about the importance of stories and their use in explaining life through pictures and images. She draws together beliefs that we still learn from stories if we can engage with the writing and share the messages. In fact a story can be a many layered article depending on the reader. I really enjoyed my own lessons from the book, it was a delight to read about the Gods in a short easy to read style and then to think about the messages that the Egyptians were giving their people and handing down to future generations to come.
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