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Going Through The ChangeGoing Through The Change by Samantha Bryant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Going Through The Change is contemporary fiction most suited to women who want a light read about the menopause.

Meet Linda a woman going through the menopause who has been trying Ms Lui’s Chinese herbal products to help her with her symptoms. She’s been using “Nu Yu” soap and it really has helped her become a new person, in fact it’s promoted such a change in hormones that she has turned into a man.

Patricia is an old friend of Cindy Lui, she’s suffering from itchy skin as part of her hormonal symptoms. A hard nosed boss at work, the cream that Cindy suggests makes Patricia’s skin so hard she becomes bullet proof.

Jessica, is a much younger character, a cancer survivor, she has depression she’s been drinking Ms. Lui’s tea to make her feel lighter and she literally is light now as she finds herself floating around the room.

Helen suffers from hot flushes, she takes a “surge protector” pill to give her a new super coolness, but the heat needs to go somewhere and she finds she has the ability to make fire.

Even Cindy Lui has her own discoveries, not ready to be retired off, she’s taken her own medicines which make her younger. But what has happened to all these women? Why have they had such extreme reactions to Cindy’s medicines? In an attempt to study the women Cindy becomes a sinister mad doctor rather than a friend to those looking for an alternative to conventional medical treatments.

There is an abrupt ending which I now realise is a cliff-hanger leading on to the next book in the series. I think I’m left worrying about what the menopause has in-store for me in the near future and I’ll be looking at alternative medicine in a different light from now on.

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Rosie’s Book review Team #RBRT Melissa reviews Going Through The Change by Samantha Bryant

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Melissa chose to read and review Going Through The Change by Samantha Bryant


My Rank: 4 stars

Delightful fun. This is a new way of thinking about super heroes and I love it. It’s a quick-paced read that ends on a cliffhanger. The characters are well crafted and differed from each other splendidly. I would have liked there to have been more dialogue, but hey, I’m a dialogue fanatic.

Final Thoughts:

A refreshing take on super heroes. I’m very much looking forward to the sequel.

Favourite Lines

“Well, I don’t actually like coffee. It’s just a vehicle for cream and sugar as far as I’m concerned.”


…her legs suddenly dropped like gravity had remembered they were there. She was no longer holding on to the chandelier in order not to float away. Now, she was hanging from it, and she was starting to fall. “Nathan!” she squealed. One hand was already starting to slip. Her hands always got damp when she was scared. It had been a real problem when she’d been doing competitive gymnastics.


To her great surprise, the instrument shifted in her grip, and suddenly, Linda was standing in her dining room with a piano in her hands. “Hah,” she cried aloud. “Hah!”


The garden had become quite overgrown. It was pretty in a way, wild and untamed, but also, somehow, a little threatening.

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