Rosie’s #BookReview Of #Memoir BIPOLAR COMEDIAN by Harriet Dyer

Bipolar ComedianBipolar Comedian by Harriet Dyer

3.5 stars

Bipolar Comedian is the memoir of Harriet Dyer. Written in short, easy to read chapters, Dyer talks about her upbringing in a very frank and honest overview.

With a homelife mixed with good memories and shocking events, Dyer’s undiagnosed mental health was further affected by broken friendships, sexual abuse, drinking and drugs. It’s a wonder that Dyer found the strength and perseverance to carry on; in fact more than once she considered ending it all. Comedy was the one theme which gave Dyer hope; I see-sawed between wanting to cry for her or laugh with her as I read this.

While I was humbled by Dyer’s experiences, I think that with the help of a good editor and a thorough proofread this book could be lifted to the level it deserves. At the moment it reflects the memories as they tumble from Dyer’s mind, but the delivery style could be tidied up so that this important book could reach a wider critical audience. 

However, there is a lot to commend about this book. Now a multi-award winning comedian, Dyer uses her mental health experiences to support others who are going through their own challenges. She focuses much of her stage work on mental health, and hopes to be an inspiration to others with her candid approach. Good Job!

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Book description

From dying twice to wanting to be a boy, her Dad leaving her Mum for a man and once doing so many drugs she thought she was Kat Slater from Eastenders… It’s been eventful.

Of course there was the abuse too.

A funnier than it should be, honest tale of a bipolar, working class girl from Cornwall who overcame an awful lot of trauma to become an award winning comedian and mental health advocate.

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