The Mummyfesto by Linda Green

The MummyfestoThe Mummyfesto by Linda Green

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Most Mums will recognise the maternal instinct to protect their young no matter what. Fighting for justice and what’s right for their children, their families and their community, three Mums plan to take their radical ideas all the way to the top. Up there with free public toilets and Government funded children’s hospices, they are also proposing replacing the House of Lords with Mumsnet, skipping to be prescribed by the NHS, free hospital parking and colour coding road signs so that women stop getting lost! The Lollipop Party are driven by their love for their families as they take on the might of the British Government in the general election. You’ll laugh and I expect you’ll cry, this book NEEDS to be read. Check out #Mummyfesto and see the ideas rolling forward.

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