Guest Author Madi Preda

My apologies to Madi this should have been posted yesterday.

Today our guest is Madi Preda, author of yesterday’s book “How to Promote and Market your book”, here is a link to the book review

Madi Preda

Let’s find out more about Madi,

1) Where is your home town?

I am living in northern Greece, in a little village called Rizia, close to the border with Turkey and Bulgaria.
2) How long have you been running your Author’s Promotion business?
Authors’s Promotion is the name of my blog and the business is called Authors PR Madi Preda. I started one year ago, when my husband published his second novel Judas Goat The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery. In the beginning it was our aim to help him get more exposure for his books and then I thought I could help other authors too. I like to believe that I did.
3) Are authors finally realising that writing their book is just the beginning of a huge journey?
I am sure they do. Only some of them either don’t know how to do it or don’t like to. Many authors hate to be exposed in public or online or they see the publicity as being selfish and this I consider to be wrong. This is because if a writer has published a book, he wants people to read the story, otherwise why they bother to publish, have an ISBN or register copy rights? Why not  just print the manuscript and give it to friends and family? So, they need to promote the book if they want to share the story .If an author can’t or doesn’t want to do it there are people specialized in book marketing who can do it for them, some of them at an affordable price and at a very professional level.
4) How much of the whole “Book Package” from the first idea of a book to the actual sales is taken up with the physical book writing would you say?
This depends, some authors have the story in their head for years and when they decided to put it on paper it flows easy and then the team of proofreader, editor and cover designer complete the work quick enough.With the modern digital technology and all the self publishing platforms I think it can be just a matter of a few months for a novel to be out on the market.
5) Will promoting and marketing cost a lot of money?
You made me smile with this question. I am known as a freebie person, so my book How To Promote and Market Your Book provides marketing avenues at no costs or with very little money and I can give you a good example. Recently I designed the cover for the latest novel written by my husband,  Abduction – An Angel Over Rimini and I had a battle with the publisher platform requirements. On their site they recommend to edit the cover photo in photoshop or InDesign, both of them being quite expensive software. After a bit of surfing through the internet I found a photo editor program online, totally free, with the same features as the others, I edited the photo for the front cover with this one and surprise, surprise it was accepted as meeting the requirements of the publisher. So, it can be done at no cost at all.
6) Do you think the future of book sales is closely related to social media?
Not only, but social media plays an important role in book sales. The issue is to find the right social media contacts and the right audience.
7) What does writing a book have to do with running a business?
I think every writer who wants to be successful must treat a book as his business. A book is like a product and you have to draw a marketing plan, set up a budget, develop strategies to present the book, contact people in the publishing industry, radio producers and so on. So an author must learn how to sell himself as an author or in other words to build his author brand and learn how to sell more books. The only difference is that for a business there are many departments who take care of each step, in the writing process the author has to complete many of these tasks and for a self published author is a complete job.
8) Why should authors make book reviewers and book bloggers feel special?
Reviewers and Bloggers are special because they offer their unconditional support just for the love of books.They are the first ones every author asks for help and when I launched my book I was surprised to see people helping me even without asking, you were one of those people. So, thank you Rosie for your invaluable support, you are special for many authors.
9) Tell us your top 5 marketing tips.
– do research, a lot
– have a marketing plan
– establish a kind of relationship with your readers
-don’t think about your book only in terms of sales it is very important to think about the  message you share with your audience and how you share it.
– every time that you have the occasion to present your book, come with new and engaging marketing content.
10) Where can readers find out more about you?
I am just about on all social media platforms
Thanks a lot,
Authors PR – Madi Preda author of
How to Promote and Market Your Book
Thank you Madi, this is a book I definitely recommend to authors.

How To Promote and Market Your Book by Madi Preda

How To Promote and Market Your BookHow To Promote and Market Your Book by Madi Preda

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m going to start with a quote “You can write the most wonderful book in the world. But if people don’t know about your book they won’t know to buy it.”~Madi Preda

Madi has written a must-read book. This handbook is crammed full of useful ideas, step-by-step instructions and case studies full of helpful information.

Writing a book is a HUGE dream for most people and achieving that dream is like climbing a mountain. Now it’s easier to write a book and with self-publishing, hitting the button and seeing your book takes minutes. Yet this is only the beginning. Publishing a book, Madi says, is like “Opening a Small Business”, and a writer needs to look at marketing themselves as the product rather than just focusing on the book. Readers follow authors not their books. Just think about some of the great writers and let that statement sink in.

There is a great piece written for this book by book reviewer Lynn Worton which I really appreciated. Madi and Lynn encourage authors to make book reviewers and book bloggers feel special because they are an important part of book sales. This just backs up my recent book review challenge series where I promoted the need for more book reviews.

Even if you haven’t self-published, publishers no longer take your book and do everything else for you while you sit back and write the next, authors are expected to market their own books and there are a whole world of ideas and ways to do this inside this gem of a book. I don’t hesitate to give it 5*’s and it should be a part of any writer’s promotional plans.

Find a copy of this book on Smashwords or Barnes and Nobel

View all my reviews on Goodreads

Madi will be our guest author on the blog tomorrow, do come back and find out more about her work.

Year 2, Good Deeds, Week 2

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year.

New Good DeedsThis week I’ve been doing the following;

April 27th – I’m reading Business as Usual by E.L.Lindley, the first book in the Georgie Connelly series. Fellow blogger John Howell, suggested I call my April A-Z tour, my 26 Good Deeds, not a bad idea! I must tell you about our bird box, we installed a camera recently and we have a Blue-tit sitting on 6 or 7 eggs, it’s like a new TV channel. Nothing to do with Good Deeds, but I thought it might make a few of you smile. E-mailed a friend whose daughter should be quite excited and want to come and have a watch.

April 28th – My morning volunteering at school.

Always on a mission to help others, I’ve set up a page on the top of the blog giving details of fellow bloggers who provide editing, publishing and marketing services for authors and writers. There’s just 3 names at the moment but I’m sure it will grow.

April 29th – We are having a lot of heavy rain showers, but I needed fresh air and exercise after I came home from work, so I set out on a walk to re-energise myself. Picked up loads of wet soggy litter for my days Good Deed.

April 30th – A busy day in social media land. I’ve completed the April A-Z tour and shall be sad to see it go for another year. May editions of the 2 magazines I write book reviews for are both out online today so I’ve been writing a post and letting authors know that their books are being showcased. Here is a link to the post. Have also been over to help my Mum out with her latest computer niggles.

And of course I’ve been watching our own Springwatch channel and keeping an eye on Mummy Blue-tit (Daddy might be helping too, but the picture is a grainy black and white so we can’t tell) and her eggs. We have considered naming the identical  eggs just for the sake of it and have come up with Shell-y, Shell-by, Shell-don, Shell-enka, Shell-et. Shell-wah and Shell-om, not that we can tell them apart! The eggs are also moved and turned several times a day as part of their incubation, so it’s all good fun watching. Can’t wait for them to hatch I’m sure there will be some right little characters. Have friends coming over on Friday to sit and watch out new TV channel too. It’s lovely to see teenagers mad keen on nature.

May 1st – Happy May Day! So what’s it doing? Raining! Another cricket match has been cancelled, we’re not having a lot of luck. I’m reading the new Terry Tyler book Kings and Queens, a modern day interpretation of the life of Henry VIII. I love all the names she drops in such as Harry Lanchester (our main man), Cathy Ferdinand (first wife), Tom Morely (advisor), Wolsey has just turned up and I’m on to the lady whose role echoes Anne Boleyn, absolutely brilliant so far. If you know anything about Henry VIII, but you love contemporary fiction it’s well worth a read.

I feel the need… go out for a lunchtime walk and pick up some more litter, after I’ve checked the Blue-tits….

I’m back and I’m wet, but I filled a bag with litter, I’ve recycled the drinks cans and the glass bottle and thrown the rest in the bin I have a request to all my readers; Every-time you go out please pick up 1 piece of litter. Thanks.

Good Deeds received; Thank you to the lovely Lizzie Lamb who got my blog a mention on Thursday on Look 4 Books , The UK’s Premier Independent Book Site, run by Gary Walker, it’s a FREE promotional book site for Indie authors

May 2nd – Have baked a Tea bread and some fairy cakes as we have friends coming over this afternoon to watch the new Bird Channel on TV, no sign of the eggs hatching yet! Good Deeds received, our friends brought around cakes for us and some information about University for my daughter.

May 3rd – Fascinating! We spent an hour and a half just watching the bird channel last night, the Mummy bird is hardly ever still. We saw the Dad come in a feed the mother for the first time. Today my Mum came over to view the new channel, we’ll have to start selling tickets soon!

I have changed my book gallery on the side of the blog to advertise new books for authors, there are just so many new books I want to tell people about.

That wraps it up for this week.

Romancing September author – Cheryl Koevoet (Day 8)

Day 8 of the Romancing September World Blog Tour and today we meet author Cheryl Koevoet. Then in a few hours time you can go over to Georgia to Stephanie Hurt’s blog and meet Cheryl again for a discussion on writing romance in today’s society.

Cheryl Koevoet

Let’s meet Cheryl;
1) Where is your home town?
Good question, but not an easy one to answer! I was born and raised in West Linn, Oregon, U.S.A., (a suburb of Portland) but from the time I married a Dutchman in the early 90’s, I have been living just outside The Hague, The Netherlands for most of my adult life. I consider both cities as being my “hometown.”
2) How long have you been writing?
I have been writing in one form or another since grade school, but mostly just “functional” items such as newsletters, articles, short stories and the occasional poem. I didn’t sit down and actually start writing a novel until 2010.
3) Why did you choose to write a fantasy romance? What inspired you?
I’ve had this epic love story of two star-crossed lovers swirling around in my head for more than twenty years, but have just never had the time to write it down. Then, one day out of the blue, I finally decided that if I didn’t get the story out of my head, it would burst! I was surprised at how fast I was able to churn it out — probably because the story had many years to simmer in my brain before it was finally released onto the page.
4) You’ve published “The Carnelian Legacy” with WestBowPress which specialises in helping authors self-publish, would you recommend this route to others?
Yes and no. I chose the self-publishing route because it fit my needs, but it is much more expensive and time-consuming than traditional publishing. Probably most important of all, one must really believe in the quality of their story enough to put their money where their mouth is. If success is important to you but you’re not willing to spend hours of your life promoting your book and networking in every way imaginable, then you probably shouldn’t be self-publishing.
5) Can you explain how the title of your book relates to the story?
This is one of those books that the reader will only truly understand the significance of the title once he or she has finished the book. At the risk of spoiling the story for those who have not yet read it, let me just say that part of the title will become immediately apparent to the reader, but the other part will only make sense on the very last page! Oh that sounds intriguing!
6) Marisa, our heroine gets sent to an alternative world, does she ever master the skills of swordsmanship?
In The Carnelian Legacy, Marisa is just learning the ropes of survival the futuristic-medieval world of Carnelia and knows nothing about self-defense. However, in book two and three of the trilogy, her knowledge and skills increase exponentially through special lessons she receives (such as history, philosophy, protocol, sword fighting and self-defense). One of the most rewarding things about writing this series is to observe Marisa’s growth from first being a helpless teenager into becoming a strong, independent woman and leader. The transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but she manages to work hard and develop herself into the woman she is meant to be. Believe me, that is so exciting to watch!
7) You’ve also got monsters in the book, tell us about some of them.
The “monsters” in this book were one of my favorite parts to write. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I grew up with the urban legends of Sasquatch (Bigfoot) and re-imagined them for this series. They aren’t the cumbersome, skittish beasts that shy away from humans portrayed in documentaries on TV, but rather, in The Carnelian Saga, they are an incredibly fast-moving, giant-sized, bloodthirsty beast that run in a pack and chase humans as their prey. They’ve been described as a three-way cross between a bear, ape, and wolf, but more deadlier than all three animals combined. You’ll have to read the book to find out more about  them and the other monsters they run up against!
8) Fight scenes can be hard to write so that the reader can follow the action, how hard was it to write fight scenes in your book?
There are action and chase scenes sprinkled throughout the book that thrust the plot forward, and they were so fun to write! Some of the sword fighting scenes were more difficult, but when I close my eyes, I can see it as it happens and then try to describe in words the scene that is playing out before me. And not just visually. I try to infuse as many senses as I can in order to put the reader right into the middle of the action. The metallic clanging of the sword. The scent of sweat dripping from the man’s stubbly chin. The roar of agony when the hero’s sword meets its mark in the beast’s chest.
9) You’ve had some brilliant reviews for “The Carnelian Legacy”. One person said you were a cross between Stephanie Meyer and Johanna Lindsey. What marketing plans have been a success in getting this book out to the readers?
Thankfully, I am a natural-born marketer and have embraced (not repelled) the promotion side of publishing the book. But back when I was still writing, I received some super advice about building a platform before the novel is published. It is so important for a writer to understand that in today’s market, you must establish a platform and build up a network of friends, fellow writers and followers that you can draw from later.
I asked several writer/author friends to help me launch the book and each of them rose to the occasion. It’s very much a give-and-take relationship with other writers, and I have very much enjoyed that process of getting to know them. And I haven’t forgotten those who have helped me along the way. I am always looking for ways to help other authors get their foot in the door. Having said that, I discovered early on that you must stand alone in “branding” yourself as an author. When someone hears your book or name in a conversation, what images or ideas do you want to convey? Your brand is what makes you uniquely you in a sea of voices all screaming to be heard. Be yourself, and be consistent. You owe it to your fans, and you owe it to yourself.
10) Fans can’t wait for the next book in the series have you got a title and release date yet?
Book two of the Carnelian saga is titled: The Carnelian Tyranny: Savino’s Revenge. I am shooting for a late November/early December 2013 release, but the exact date is not yet known. Fans can keep updated with the launch date on the official Facebook fan page at:
The Carnelian Legacy
Find your copy on or
Thank you very much for being my guest today and Good luck with the next book.