“H” On the AtoZ Challenge

It’s letter H today and Mark Richards brings us his book “Half Man, Half Fish”. Mark has previously been a guest author on the blog, you can find out more about him here http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dx Mark has also recently become a finalist in the BAD blog awards for his blog BestDadICanBe. As always part of the AtoZ Challenge relies on comments to each blog, PLEASE leave yours below, thanks.

This is what Mark says about his book;

‘Half Dad, Half Fish’ is the first of the chronological ‘Best Dad’ series in which you’ll be able to follow the everyday trivialities of our family life over 10 years. It’s a humorous look at life from a Dad’s point of view, going from party bags, nativity plays and the sheer hell that’s a family changing room at the swimming pool to teenage angst, slamming doors and boyfriends it’s best I don’t hear about…

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 Here is a little more detail on the book;

Half Dad, Half Fish’ deals with the problems all parents of young children face. How do you convince a weeping four-year old that a dead goldfish has gone to a special watery Heaven? How do you choose a name for the new cat without the family coming to blows? And is it possible to do what the text books tell you and ‘be consistent?’ Or do you need another glass of wine first?

for ‘Best Dad I Can Be’ – the first book in the series.

“From the very first paragraph of this fabulous book I knew I was onto something special. It is a humorous and insightful look at family life that all parents will relate to.”

“A lot of fun, laugh out loud book.”

“Even though I do not have children of my own, this book really made me laugh.”


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Guest Author Mark Richards

Today my guest author is Mark Richards, congratulations on being the first gentleman to brave my questions!

Hi Rosie – hope this is the sort of thing you’re looking for…

Name:              Mark Richards

Live?               By the sea in Yorkshire

When?            Can’t remember a time when I didn’t write

Type?             I write a regular weekly blog at www.bestdadicanbe.com which started as a newspaper column ten years ago. I write about the everyday trivialities of family life, and I hope I give people five minutes’ amusement and a wry smile from time. So my books are an extension of my blog – they’re a funny look at family life from a Dad’s point of view and (hopefully) they strike a chord with parents everywhere.

Tips?              Sit down and write – inspiration, if that’s what you call it, will arrive

Writing a book is only 2% of the work, promoting it is the other 98%

Writing is re-writing. And then more re-writing

Book?             I’m reading the latest – and I suspect the last – Harry Hole book by Jo Nesbo, Phantom. Yep, it’s good but like books that are part of a series if you’re going to read one, start at the beginning of the series. And I’m looking forward to Bring up the Bodies when it’s in paperback, as I thought Wolf Hall was truly excellent.

Sample?         The best introduction to my books is Best Dad I Can Be. All of 77p on your Kindle or Kindle app. Here’s the link http://amzn.to/VnPVaT

Best regards
Friday’s guest author will be Hope Charles