Love, Desire and Betrayal by Margaret L Sharp

Love, Desire and BetrayalLove, Desire and Betrayal by Margaret Lynette Sharp

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Love, Desire and Betrayal. I liked this anthology of stories, but I didn’t love them. They are well written and edited and the storylines are familiar and will have many of you nodding your heads and remembering first loves and parental disapproval. Each story had a love element and parental influence in the form of guilt or strong opinions. There were strong selfish characters, some betrayed and others desired more. With short stories, they often end leaving you with missed feelings of wanting to know more and I get a little frustrated as I pick up the next story. It’s a personal thing and not one to detract from the author’s book.

This is a collection and the lay out needed to be tweaked a little, a couple of stories had book bios at the start and I didn’t want to read them before I started chapter one, I felt a bit less of the introduction pages and more of a mix of different stories would have kept me entertained.

If you are a short story fan and like a mix of contemporary with an Australian backdrop then this book should be for you.

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