Romancing September author Swarupa N Ovalekar (Day 11)

It’s Day 11 Of our Romancing September Across the World tour and our guest today is Swarupa N. Ovalekar. We’ll meet here her and then you can catch up with her again over with Stephanie when they talk about writing romance in today’s society.


Let’s find out more about Swarupa and her book “The Blue-Eyed Prince of Natlife”

1) Where is your home town?

I’m from Mumbai (Bombay), India.

 2) When did you start writing? How many romance stories have you written? 

I have always loved writing. But I started writing books in 2008 after my return from Mexico where I had spent nearly nine months, some of them travelling solo across the country. I dedicated a year and a half to my labour of love “MEXICO: A grand voyage through the fascinating land with ancient links to India” and completed it in June 2010. Then in 2012, I converted this epic book into three e-books titled ‘Discovering Mexico’, ‘Mexico: The Country, Its History & The Maya World’, and ‘A Guide To Mexican Cuisine’ and posted the similarities between India and Mexico on my blog “Swarupa’s World” at

In 2011, I started writing my first-ever romance fiction novel ‘The Blue-Eyed Prince Of Natlife’ which I completed within three months. It’s the only romance story I have written till now.

3) In your book, Sara jumps at the chance to work in India, why? 

The female protagonist in my novel, Sara, is an ardent admirer of India. The opportunity to work in Mumbai as an international trainee at the corporate office of one of India’s top multinational companies, Natlife, is like a godsend to her. She’s still recovering from a major setback that she had suffered a few months ago, losing her job as well as her fiancé in a span of two days. She’s eager to get over her troubled past and begin a new life in the faraway country which is so close to her heart.

4) “The Blue-Eyed Prince” deals with a company called NatLife, can you explain what this company sells?

Natlife is one of India’s largest conglomerates with an annual turnover of over US$ 8 billion. Based in Mumbai, it manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, and beauty and personal care products. Its direct-selling business operations are widespread across the country and in eighteen other countries including Asia, Europe and North America. Dev Maurya is the charismatic founder chairman of Natlife.

5) Does Sid have any royal background or just princely qualities?

The male protagonist in my novel, Sid, doesn’t come from a royal background. He is the protégé of Natlife’s chairman, Dev Maurya. Although he has beautiful blue eyes, the book is so titled because he’s a favourite or the “blue-eyed prince” in the company.

6) Were there any influences that affected your timing of the intimate scenes for the couple?

I followed the Mills & Boon style of including close intimacy between the couple as the story progresses and hot intense lovemaking towards the end.

7) Did your vast knowledge of Mexico help you to choose the country of origin for Sara?

Right, since I had lived in Mexico, it was very easy for me to develop Sara’s character, portray her Mexican mannerisms and the interactions between with her family. Besides, I was very keen on writing an Indian-Mexican romance story.

8) The country of India has many romantic qualities, would you consider writing another romance with India as it’s base?

Sure. Since I’m an Indian and I know my country and the people well, it’s quite convenient to write about something which is based in India. But still, it all depends upon the story that I have in mind. If it needs to be based in another country, then so be it.

9) On a couple of occasions, characters travel to the Maldives, have you ever been there? If so, what do you love about the islands?

No, I haven’t been to the Maldives. I’d love to…and I can go there anytime I want but it’s such a lovely place that I’d go there only with a “special someone”. I’ve seen and read a lot about the beautiful islands and I guess there’s a lot of romance about the place.

10) What are you currently working on? Will there be a sequel to this book? 

At the moment, I’m not working on any book. As for a sequel to “The Blue-Eyed Prince of Natlife”, I’m not sure of it because the book is more like a Mills & Boon story with a happy ending.

The Blue-Eyed Prince Of NatlifeYou can get a copy of this book here

Thank you Swarupa for being our guest today. If you are interested in any of Swarupa’s books about Mexico they can all be found at her web site