Good deeds week 10th – 16th November

This is all about my journey to achieve one Good Deed a day for a year. I was inspired to set myself this challenge when I began reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Judith undertook some amazing deeds in her year, my own challenge has opened my eyes to opportunities which would previously have passed me by, where I can make a difference to the world, not matter how small.

Good deedsNovember 10th – Face booked a friend to invite her for coffee. Cleared up lots of leaves in the garden and on a shared pathway.

November 11th – My morning helping out at school. Then I bought a plant for a work colleague to thank her for not minding me have 2 weeks off work at a busy time of the month. Found out it was a stressful day doing the wage run for her so added a bar of chocolate to the gift. Left my jam jar of coins at the school to be added to their Children in Need charity collection on Friday.

November 12th – Went for a walk and picked up a load of litter.

November 13th – E-mailed my work colleague with a suggestion to ease some of our workload and make the weeks a little smoother. Invited some friends over for supper in a few weeks, being organised and sending the invite early made me feel good. Good deeds received: A big thanks for the chocolate bar I’d left my colleague, she needed it when she had to stay late to finished some work.

November 14th – Took a big carrier bag with me when I went for my walk today and I filled it with litter, I even went down a busy road picking up litter, I threw away my embarrassment about being seen and concentrated on making the countryside a prettier place. Got home and recycled as much of the litter as possible, it felt really good.

November 15th – Today is the BBC’s Children in Need charity appeal. I’ve sent my son to school with a donation for their collection. I’ve also found items for the “Make a Wish” charity that is doing a door to door collection today. Donated more money to Children in Need whilst out at the shops.

November 16th – It’s my Mum’s birthday this weekend, so I’ve gone over for a visit and to deliver some gifts to a hardworking and very deserving Mum. Thank you Mum, we love you, enjoy your day.