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Fall Colours

Fall Colours

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Today’s road-trip is about when we went back to the US for a 10 day Fall trip to New England with our two year old.

Our trip began with an evening arrival in Boston, Massachusetts, this time I was armed with my stroller for use in the airports, which can be taken right up to the aeroplane doors and is essential for toddler travel. Our first stop was the coastal town of Portsmouth in New Hampshire. Coming from England and seeing familiar place names out of the environment we knew them in was a little strange. We also found that New England had more toll roads than we’d experienced before in the US.

Getting our fill of the number of states in this area of the US, we went over into Maine and visited Portland, enjoying the coastal road views and taking in some shopping.

The fall colours were amazing and we took our time enjoying scenic river banks. I fell in love with the covered bridges which are a tradition of New England. Built with roofs to keep the bridges open during the winter months. Stopping off at one of the many maple syrup farm shops we were invited around their little museum and given a talk about the maple extraction process. An added bonus was the local stories of the covered bridges being “sweet-heart” bridges, a place to meet your sweet-heart out of site of prying eyes.

We headed into the White mountains and slowly drove to the top of Mount Washington on some very tight and steep roads. (Approximately a 30 drive up and a 30-45 mins drive down) There’s a cog railway train you can take up but the 3 hour round-trip time was going to be too long to entertain our toddler on. For rally enthusiasts there is a “Climb To The Clouds” racing event each July on the Mount Washington auto- road where rally drives race to the top. The record stands at 6 mins and 9 secs set in 2014.

In Conway we stopped off at the steam railway centre

Our travels took us to Vermont and Burlington, we dined in one of those old fashioned train diner cars turned into a family diner and then indulged our daughter at the Vermont Teddy Bear factory, where we took the tour and she made a bear.

We did consider heading across to Niagara Falls, but we didn’t have the time this trip. Instead we headed back towards Boston, taking in the Boston Tea Ship which amazingly our little girl remembers today.

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Next Trip – Denver, Colorado and a rocky mountain white out experience.

Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Death in a Dacron Sail by N.A Granger @rhebrewster #Mystery

Today’s team review is from Babus, she blogs at http://ajoobacatsblog.com/

Rosie's Book Review team 1

Babus chose to read and review Death in a Dacron Sail by N.A. Granger

Death In A Dacron Sail by Noelle Granger

Death In A Dacron Sail by Noelle Granger

This crime thriller renters around character Rhe Brewster, who is pregnant, a consultant for the Pequod (Maine, Ohio) police department and a part time ER nurse. Rhe is compulsive reading as her private life goes through turmoil as the local police and FBI try to get to the bottom of missing local children, after the discovery of a child’s finger in a lobster trap. Her psychologist husband seems oblivious to her needs and disinterested in their unplanned pregnancy. Rhe’s role as investigative consultant has garnered her enemies, none bigger than the hospital administrator who is after her job.

I absolutely loved this whodunit, and really felt an affinity for Rhe, who cannot catch a break in this crime read. A lot of the time the protagonists’ private life is distracting in a read like this, but I was just as interested in what was happening with Rhe as the case.

I look forward to reading more from Rhe soon.

Find a copy here from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

Night Watch by Linda Hall

Night WatchNight Watch by Linda Hall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Night Watch is a mystery set in Maine. It has a sailing theme and opens with a long dream scene in which Em Ridge dreams about her dead husband. It’s still painful for her to remember him, but at the moment she’s Captain Ridge of Blue Peace a luxury sailboat which she is taking to Bermuda for it’s owner.

On board ship she’s woken to the news that Kricket, the owner’s daughter has gone overboard. Scrambling to find her they finally haul out her dead body from the cold sea. They are forced to head into the mainland and are met by the coastguard and Officer Ben Dunlinson who begins an investigation into the girl’s death.

The crew are taken for questioning and afterwards Em meets Dr Meyer who was a coroner in the investigation of her husband Jesse’s death. He talks about some queries he had with the case and offers to do some more digging. The mystery continues and Em and her crew find themselves tangled in a complicated web of treachery.

This is a well paced mystery with a great setting.

Find a copy here from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

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Kitchen Boy by Sanford Phippen

Wow! what a book. I was truly drawn into the world of the Maine coast during holiday season throughout the 1960’s. The narrator guides you through the years of his youth spent working in a hotel and later at a mouth-watering wharf where he sold clams and lobsters. I was desperate to eat one of those thousands of lobsters that were mentioned in the book along with oceans of warm melted butter.I wanted to be there and share those experiences.

Kitchen Boy by Sanford Phippen