Primordial Dust by Sarah Daltry

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Primordial Dust is a fantasy book. Set in the Kingdom of Anora with magic and mages, plus a destiny to fulfil. Princess Alondra finds herself on a battlefield in command of the military with no experience after an attack on the kingdom. The book is set in five parts. Part one goes back and forth between then and now, before the battle and after. We are told that Alondra was a bored Princess, disobedient and unhappy about a planned marriage to Seamus. But after the attack, few are left and she must turn to Seamus for friendship and protection.

They head for some caves and safety, where they find other survivors and her parents. In part two, Seamus and Alondra are sent to another world to find answers and a way to save the kingdom. They meet Alusia, a keeper of secrets and are given a diary with a magical spell. Alusia tells them a bit of history about Alondra’s mother, The magic Circle, the land of Livonia and The Accords, rules to limit the use of magic. She also finds out about her brother who disappeared years ago. This section was in danger at times of being a bit long winded with information.

In part three Seamus and Alondra travel to another world using folds in time, they find Layla an assassin and discover more about the Trinities. However Tevlin, a mysterious and dangerous thief catches them. Their destinies are linked and in part four Tevlin, Seamus and Alondra meet the first mages who created the worlds. I found the magical veils which hid worlds and created others complicated and for me the storyline hard to follow at times, Alondra was confused by it all and so was I. In part five she is given the role of finishing the destruction and creating a new world from the ruins.

If you are a big fantasy fan this book could be just your thing, I don’t mind a bit of fantasy, but I just couldn’t get my head around this one. Just scrapes a 4*.

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