Marked For Magic by Daisy Banks

Maeked for Magic lMarked for Magic is an adult fantasy. It does contain sensual sexual encounters. Nin has been thrown out of her village because she has the mark of a witch. The villagers have sent her to a Mage called Thabit to be trained as his apprentice. At first he doesn’t want an apprentice, but he is soon attracted to her and finds she does have magical skills. He would rather her be trained at the castle of Lord Farel by the Lord’s sister Cassandra.
Whilst at the castle Thabit foretells of a darkness which will consume the land unless he can find it’s source. Thabit and Nin share an ability to communicate telepathically and Nin must rescue Thabit when his spirit is captured, and together they must become a strong power to defeat the evil.
A well written book and I enjoyed the details of the magic.
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Twin Curse by Rinelle Grey

Twin CurseTwin Curse by Rinelle Grey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Twin Curse is another book from Australian author Rinelle Grey, I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to read and review an ARC copy and couldn’t wait to start reading. I would describe this as a fantasy/romance. Twins are rare in this land, but when a man finds twin sisters he can’t wait to get married because he gets to marry both as an ancient law is upheld. Mianna and Brianna are of marriageable age and there are few suitors in their village because of the constant attack by Trolls. Brianna is torn between her twin and her heart, she cannot face marrying the man her twin has chosen, so she fakes her death and runs away. Brianna runs to the city, but it is not all she hopes until one day she meets a young man. Lyall instantly recognises a fellow mage, but Brianna seems unaware of her magic and power. Back in Brianna’s village the worst attack ever from the Trolls leads Brianna to make drastic decisions. Rinelle weaves a magic of her own throughout this book, the settings and the characters are well written. The concept of a magical curse and ancient rules set by Kings long ago is peeled away in gentle layers as you read through the book. It’s the young of today who must choose how they take forward the rules of the land and how they will change them for the better. I really enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more books from this author.

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