Good Deeds Year 2, Week 7

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year.

New Good DeedsDuring my week I’ll also being updating you on My Kindness Challenge which I’m also doing. I read about a new challenge to make the world a better place to live in. “Speak Kind Words, Receive Kind Echoes” see the inspiration on  The Kindness blog . During my learning process I’m donating money to charity for my slip-ups to make me work harder to achieve results. I earn no money from any of my book reviews, so having little to spare should focus my mind.

This week I’ve been doing the following;

June 1st – Today the two local magazines that I write book reviews for uploaded their online versions, so I sent out my promotional post and tweeted and e-mailed the authors who had books featured. Any appreciation you feel for the book review features can be e-mailed to the editor or Here is a link to my post

June 2nd – I’m getting better at the kind comments if I don’t rush into a conversation, but stop and think about my reply first. Today was my morning helping out at school, the first Monday back after a week of school holidays. Finished reading Gypsy by Cynthia Harrison and sent off my review.

June 3rd – Stayed on at work today and did some extra filing that I hadn’t been asked to do, but which needed doing. Went straight on to read book 2 in the Travelling Girls series by Cynthia Harrison and finished reading Sweet Melissa in one evening.

June 4th – Sent off my review for Sweet Melissa and began reading A Gunman’s Destiny by Randy Mixter. Went to see my parents and sorted a couple of computer queries. Thought I did pretty well with my kindness challenge when Mum talked about all the latest village goings on.

June 5th – Sent off my review of A Gunman’s Destiny. Went into town and bought a shirt at a charity shop rather than brand new, for a fancy dress party we are going to in a couple of weeks time. Met friends and now I need to add a £1 to my charity Kindness pot, let my mouth run away with me again! But I am learning from it.

June 6th – Had my hair cut today and left tips for the lovely ladies. Oh Goodness!  A kindness challenge! Once we’d covered my weekend and holiday plans the conversation just waited to be filled with a good moan. I had to dodge several pot-holes in the conversation and tried to disappear into my book, but eavesdropping on other clients was interesting, most were failing in areas of kindness. Am reading Archer of the Lake by Kelly R Michaels.

My son has 6 cricket matches in the next 7 days so think of me will you;

CHEF – “quick get in the car, I forgot to turn the vegetable off before I rushed to pick you up from school, I was trying to get dinner cooked early” Rally drives out of the car-park on two wheels!

TAXI DRIVER – Late to match, abandons car in a great space, later realising the front windscreen faces oncoming hard cricket balls when hit for a 6.

WASHER-WOMAN – Tries hopelessly to get grass and mud stains out of cricket whites, sends son off in “nearly whites”

SUPPORTER – Sits dutifully on the side-lines for 2.5 hours, freezing as the sun goes down and the wind blows. Misses all of son’s best moments because I was either chatting to someone else or secretly reading a book behind large dark glasses and feigning interest in the game.

LISTENER – Dutifully nods and makes appropriate noises to the post-match blow-by-blow analysis which lasts all the way home and for the rest of the day or night with rest of the family joining in. Not expected to make any useful contribution as calling the Umpire the “Referee” and asking why they didn’t use the “off-side ruling” doesn’t go down well.

BEST MUM THERE IS  – Replying to all the e-mails from the team managers, providing cricket teas when asked, finding the obscure village cricket pitch on an old fashioned paper map when Google gets lost, making sure there’s a fresh drink in the bag for each match and taking out the stale bottle days later. Washing all those sets of whites in time for the next match and being there for when things didn’t go too well.

June 7th – Finished reading Archer in the Lake and sent off my review. Rain this morning meant cricket was cancelled, we had a game last evening at a picturesque village cricket green out in the English countryside with warm sun and a win for our team. The sun came out this afternoon and I went for a lovely walk this evening and picked up litter along my way.


Good Deeds Week April 13th – 19th my 52nd week.

Welcome to my weekly roundup of my year long challenge to do one Good deed a day for a year. This challenge began back in April 2013 and is still going strong, I’m now entering my 52nd week. My inspiration came from reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Here is what I’ve been up to this week.

Good deeds

April 13th – Still going strong promoting #OperationMallory to help a fellow author out who has Cancer, see my post and PLEASE share as much as you can, or even better, buy his books.

Posted reviews for Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert, my review will appear on the blog in a few weeks time a long with an author interview for you.

April 14th – Picked up lots of litter on my way to the post box. Am talking to author June Kearns about reading and reviewing a couple of books for her. Finished reading and wrote a review for Personal Alchemy: The Missing Ingredient For Law Of Attraction Success by Michelle Martin Dobbins.

April 15th – Had a wonderful delivery of 4 books in the post today, it felt like Christmas! So what will I be reading and reviewing for you? Tall, Dark and Kilted and Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb. The 20’s Girl and An Englishwoman’s Guide To The Cowboy by June Kearns.

Just hand delivered a birthday card and present and on my way back picked up litter.

April 16th – I woke up this morning and realised that I’VE DONE IT, I’ve completed a Year of Good Deeds! Blow up the balloons, pop the Champagne, how great is that? I am writing a big post to release on Sunday all about my year.

Helped out fellow author Sean Flynn with a bit of advice after he’d had a 1* abrasive review. Suggested he didn’t dive in with a rebellious reply, reminding him that he’d never win the argument, and just to let it go no matter how annoying. You’re never going to write a book that everyone will enjoy. He’d had plenty of good reviews, so I told him to hold his head up and move onwards and upwards.

Agreed to read and review two more books; Secrets of the Unaltered by Leti Del Mar , this is the second book in the series, I’d previously read and reviewed her first one, so I’m looking forward to this book. Also Irish Inheritance by Paula Martin. I love a book which has Irish mysteries in it, I’m sure there’s a bit of Irish blood flowing through my veins, although I’m hard pushed to find it on the family tree at the moment.

April 17th – Book review requests coming along like buses at the moment, all or nothing! I’m going to be reading and reviewing the first book in The Georgie Connelly series, Business as Usual by E.L Lindley, I’m super excited about this after featuring them under letter G of my tour. I’ve read some other books by this author and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I’m also equally excited to be getting my hands on the very latest book by Terry Tyler called Kings and Queens. (Due out very shortly)

Invited friends to join us at the park for some cricket. Looks like I’ll be getting my hands on some more books by author Cynthia Harrison too. It’s all happening!

April 18th – Hubby’s birthday today, so we are entertaining the in-laws with high tea (written especially to make certain readers salivate) Have finished reading Tall, Dark and Kilted and Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb and written my review. Went to the local market and bough some delicious homemade cakes for later.

April 19th – Kids sporting events clashing meant I was on cricket practise duty. Alternatively froze and boiled as the sun played cat and mouse with the clouds. Picked up litter. Got home to find some more books have been delivered for review. Today I’ve got The Hollow Heart and A Change of Heart both by Adrienne Vaughan.

Don’t forget to come and read my celebration post too.

Thanks to everyone who has followed and supported me during my year long challenge.

Good Deeds Week April 6th – 12th

Welcome to my weekly roundup of my year long challenge to do one Good deed a day for a year. This challenge began back in April 2013 and is still going strong, I’m now entering my final two weeks. My inspiration came from reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Here is what I’ve been up to this week.

Good deeds

April 6th – Began my day with a re-cap of the A to Z tour so far, it’s good to try and keep the momentum going for up coming authors and I’ve sent out e-mails to all those who have a post next week to ask them to get all their faithful followers to help us share the posts. I’ve really enjoyed going to the sites of bloggers that I added to my posts who were also on the tour, people I wouldn’t usually meet on my day to day blog.

Have begun reading a modern classic Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada, it’s set during the war and so far it’s about the people, individuals caught in the umbrella of Germany and how some of them wish to remain individuals who work and think for themselves.

Found out some information for my brother-in-law to help him with some farming forms that he must fill in and passed on the info.

April 7th – It’s the school Easter holidays so I need to find a different Good Deed to my normal Monday morning volunteering. Was able to pick up a large bag of potatoes from the farm when I went to pick up some work for tomorrow, have just delivered them to my friend’s house for her.

April 8th – The sun is shining, I’ve been out to mow the lawn for the first time this year, mowed the piece I share with my neighbour, swept up behind me and picked up some litter that was blowing around. Good Deeds received, whilst I went out to work this morning my lovely children cleaned my house and put the washing out to dry, such a great thing to come home to.

Spent the evening visiting loads of bloggers taking part in the A to Z challenge in what felt like a blogathon of it’s own.

April 9th – Still busy visiting other bloggers on the A to Z Challenge. Had time to pick up some litter which had blown my way when I went out to my car.

April 10th – A lovely day and we headed for the park for some cricket practise, whilst there we found a good condition cricket ball whilst hunting through the undergrowth for our own ball, we picked up a base cone left by others and put it to good use, and we picked up some litter and popped it in the bin to leave the park looking lovely for other users.

April 11th – Agreed to read and review Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert, look out for it’s review on my blog in the back end of May. Still working my way around the A to Z tour, there are so many people blogging about so many different things, amazing!

April 12th – Went to work this morning on a non work day, to catch up on lots of filing. I’ve been itching to give the place a good clean (we work in an old Granary, think barn with dirt and dust and untidy farmers!) So I attacked the place with duster and brush creating clouds of dust (cough, cough) and I filled the rubbish bins, I live far enough away that I can’t hear them shouting about my housework, but I left the bins incase they need to retrieve anything. I’ll empty them next week!

Have been talking to author Lizzie Lamb (Letter B for Boot Camp Bride on the A to Z Tour) about reading and reviewing some of her work and perhaps being a guest on her blog after the A to Z tour has finished.

One last SUPER DOOPER deed today, I’ve just posted about Operation Mallory, a group of very kind people have been working behind the scenes to re-launch books my author Stephen C Spencer who has cancer. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go to my post read it, share it and if possible get involved with the promotion of his books. You never know what the future holds and one day it might be you in need.

Good Deeds week September 8th – 14th

This project was inspired after I read “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Her book may make you laugh or make you cry, but the world would be a better place if we all tried to spread a little love through doing good deeds.

A Year of Doing Good: One Woman, One New Year's Resolution, 365 Good Deeds. by Judith O'Reilly

I began my own challenge to do at least 1 Good Deed everyday for a year on the day I started to read this book (April 16th). My eyes have been opened to opportunities that would have passed me by if I were not conscious of my desire to seek out a Good Deed. I keep a weekly diary of my challenge which I publish each Sunday here on the blog. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week;

September 8th – Heard about some break-ins to some garages around us on Saturday night, I let another friend know who lives on this estate and I went out and closed up a neighbours garage door, as I think she must be away and I fear her garage had been “Done”, she doesn’t usually leave the door ajar. Unfortunately I wouldn’t know if anything has been taken.

September 9th – I’m back with my morning of volunteering at a local school, I’m quite excited about the new children and the new teacher that I will be working with.

September 10th – It’s my God-daughter’s birthday today, so I indulged her in a voucher for a girly accessory store and took around some cakes for them all to enjoy.

September 11th – Walked in to town for the exercise and picked up some litter on route, sadly there was enough litter to fill a truck! Come on people PICK UP YOUR MESS!

September 12th – It’s been a funny old week so far, and it’s making me feel out of sorts. Still agreed to do a couple more book reviews for authors today. Put another book review on Amazon as a book reviewer, hopefully they’ve finished wiping reviews after their in-house clean up! So if you can send me a bit of virtual energy to help pick me up I’d be grateful.

September 13th – Was just trying to work out what Good Deed I could do today, when I saw the garden re-cycling bin men in my estate. When I got home I put out my neighbour’s garden bags (she’s away) and put her surplus in mine ready to be emptied.

September 14th- It’s always great to do something you love and get so much enjoyment from it, which is why I agreed to take on another book to review today. I’ve always loved books and reading, there is so much you can learn from a book or so much it can inspire you. It’s great when you find a book that gives you a buzzy feeling when you’ve finished reading it.

Good Deeds week 25th – 31st August

I began my own challenge to do at least 1 Good Deed everyday for a year on the day I started reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly (April 16th). My eyes have been opened to opportunities that would have passed me by if I were not conscious of my desire to seek out a Good Deed. I keep a weekly diary of my challenge which I publish each Sunday here on the blog. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week;

Good deedsAugust 25th – Caught up with my blogging friend Harula as she too carries out a weekly diary of Good Deeds. We support each other through the challenge. Some days it’s hard to find a Good Deed and sometimes harder to find the motivation to want to find one.

August 26th – A Game of tennis down the park this morning and I picked up litter on the way out. Good Deed ticked off.

August 27th – My friend’s birthday today so I have just dropped off a card and a gift, hope she has a great day.

August 28th – Took my son to play with a school friend and gave some cakes for them to share later. Easy Good Deed!

August 29th – Another play date and was able to give more cakes, then I provided tea for some more friends here at our house. 2 Good Deeds! On a day which also had a lot of stress in other areas of my life.

August 30th – Made sure we really thanked the over-worked shop assistant who was completely fed up with the queue by the time we reached the front. We then had to query the price she had for our goods and the poor lady had to go and check the price of the goods back at the shelf. After grudgingly making her way back she then had trouble correcting the total of our purchases, we were definitely NOT her favourite customers today! So I made sure she was really thanked by us for her trouble.

August 31st – I can’t believe this is the last day of August and the school summer holidays are coming to an end. Sent an e-mail to a find with information she had previously requested. Helped promote a book for another author. Have been upping my tweeting /retweeting to help others and to increase my social presence in readiness for the Romancing September tour. I would love all the authors who are participating to benefit from a large coverage during the tour. Had a lovely note from an author who had seen an increase in her book sales after one of my guest author interviews. Perfect! That’s what it’s all about.

Good Deeds week 21st July – 27th July

Welcome to my weekly updates on my challenge to do at least one Good Deed a day for a year. This has been inspired by Judith O’Reilly and her book “A Year of Doing Good”

If this interests you it was half price when I checked on the 20th July. Catch up on my journey so far from the Home page.

Good deeds

21st July – Today I took my son to the park and we played some tennis, then I picked up litter before we went home.

22nd July – I’ve been so busy that my only Good Deeds have been posting a book review and retweeting interesting tweeps.

23rd July – Yay! School is finally out for my son for the next 6 weeks. Lie-ins what Bliss! (this means I can stay up later at night reading my books!) Bought a book from a Charity shop today. Busy planning a competition that I’m hoping to run on the blog with a book related prize. Got my paper copy of the August Issue of Fleet Life with my latest book reviews. The following authors have their books reviewed this month; LDC Fitzgerald – Saving Jackie K, Charity Norman – After the Fall, Melissa LeGette – The Unicorn Girl, GP Ching – The Soulkeepers and Savannah Grace – Sihpromatum – I Grew my Boobs in China.

24th July – Just been checking out a prize for a competition that I’m going to run for my UK readers soon. Baked cookies to take with me to my friend who invited me to dinner.

25th July – We had a wonderful lazy day and didn’t go anywhere. I took on board another book to review for an author who contacted me and I set up my draft for my competition which is going to start on Monday, here on the blog.

26th July – Sent off a birthday card for a friend whom I’ve not seen for many years but she is not forgotten. Posted a book review from my second teenage book reviewer who is another keen reader.

27th July – Off to the lovely Cotswolds today to visit my husbands Aunt. So I’m taking her flowers and goodies etc. Got a busy start planned for next week with my competition launch on Monday, a guest author Tuesday, 2 book launches for authors on Wednesday and the August online Issue of Fleet Life out on Thursday. Phew!

Have my Good Deeds touched your hearts and you heads yet? Are you aware of the Good deeds that you do for others in your daily life? What good deeds have others done for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Good Deeds week 14th – 20th July

This week I shall pass the 3 month stage, (That’s a quarter of a year Wow!) of my plan to do at least 1 Good Deed a day for a year. Fellow readers can see my weekly update from the Home page of this blog, but the inspiration comes from reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly, a book that I thoroughly recommend. Here is my review of the book

Good deeds14th July – Today I’ve written a book review, finished another book and submitted my books for the September issue of Fleet Life. A truly early deadline due to the fast approaching school summer break. Set up a writing prompt for followers of the Community Story board.

15th July – My last morning helping out in school for the next few weeks as the teachers and children have a well deserved break. I’ve signed up to go back in September, it was so great to see what my group achieved over the year. Have been asked to review another book today, I said yes. Wrote a piece for the Community Story board and copied it onto my blog as I realised it was really a dedication to a lovely lady who died of cancer a few years ago.

16th July – Agreed to do another book review and I offered to help do a book promotion on 31st July here on the blog. Watch out for the new book by Charles E Yallowitz. It will be the second book in the Legends of a Hero series.

17th July – It has been a boiling hot day today and it didn’t look like I had any chances for Good Deeds until I decided to take a walk to the local Post Office to buy some stamps. Then I spied some litter and off I went, I made 2 bins drops of litter on the journey to the Post Office. On the way back I got even braver and quickly filled my hands with litter. Dropped the first lot in a bin, then I found a McDonald’s paper bag discarded on the ground, so I began to fill it with litter, When my bag was full, I found a plastic bag which I began to fill, finally dropping my load in a bin near home. A couple more pieces went into wheelie bins that were still on the footpath after the dustbin men had been around today, and boy did I feel good about picking up all that litter!

18th July – Added money to the Macmillan charity pot when I was at the shops. Helped my Mum pick vegetables from her garden which she can sell at a local market.

19th July – Heard that fellow blogger Ionia was poorly, so organised a writing prompt over at the community storyboard to wish her well. Had an absolute ball with everyone as they enthusiastically joined in.

20th July – Helped prepare flowers for the Sunday Church service whilst visiting my Mother-in-Law. Made chocolate brownies filled with fresh raspberries to take to a BBQ which we’ve been invited to this evening. I’ve taken delivery of the second half of my year’s supply of rice and pasta which I won in a competition and my cupboards are stuffed to overflowing, so I’m taking some with me to the BBQ for my hostess to share it around.

When I checked out on 20th July Judith’s book was half price

Good Deeds week 7th July – 13th July

I have been working on doing 1 Good Deed a day since the 16th April when I started reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. The book inspired me to try passing on some positive actions through good deeds, sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s really hard to find a deed to do, but the experience makes me think about my own actions and my own role in the world. So enough of the profound talk let’s get the week under way.

Good deeds7th July – The tiniest of Good Deed today, was asked to read and review a book which I accepted.

8th July – The chance for bigger deeds today, my volunteer work at the school this morning followed by litter picking on my way home from posting letters later.

9th July – This morning I found the 10p in my trouser pocket.  I’d found it last evening on the grass at a most enjoyable evening watching cricket. Shame the team lost another match! Anyway popped the money into my collection jam jar. Posted a book review on my blog written by a new up and coming young book reviewer.  I’m hoping she will continue to write reviews for me from the teenage point of view.

10th July -Picked my child and a couple of friends up from a school sports day that they were helping out at. Sadly the volunteering was marred by verbally abusive parents who disagreed with the girls decisions over who won the first 3 places in each race. (This was a sports day for 4-11 year olds and is meant to be fun!) Stayed after the end to help tidy up and put away chairs.

11th July -Added a charity token to the supermarket collection box where they will donate money to the charity depending on the number of tokens. Picked up some litter on my way home, but got all embarrassed again and went past countless pieces before I braved a couple of bits near to home.

12th July – Had a brilliant day today as friends were coming for tea and tonic, we take it in turns to provide a tea for the kids then we settle down for a good gossip. I’d made a cake and then knocked out homemade pizza for the kids. The sun shone and as the evening cooled we sat outside enjoying the summer in my flower filled garden. It’s always good to catch up with friends, we put the world to rights!

13th July – I’m on a mission to get the youngsters involved with my book reviews and helping them with their writing careers. Have been gently pushing, well I think it’s gentle the teenagers are probably rolling their eyes and moaning about me nagging at them!

Have a good week everyone!

Good Deeds week 30th June – 6th July

Here we go on another week of Good Deeds, by now you know the drill and the introductory spiel, so I’ll skip on. If this is new to anyone all my weekly Good Deed posts can be found using the link from the home page on the blog.

Good deeds30th June – Have been over to Harula’s blog site to read her week of Good deeds, you can read them too Finished reading a new book and began another.

1st July – Another Monday morning volunteering at a local school, picked up litter on the way back to my car.

2nd July – Posted a new book review today, spotted a friend working on the till at the supermarket and joined the queue especially to speak to her whilst paying for my shopping. This evening we went to an art exhibition at school for all the work that the exam students had been doing over the past two years, there was a selection of work showing how talented they all are, we were pleased to support the show. Just helped out a friend by lending her daughter a pair of shorts for school sports day tomorrow.

3rd July – My gas boiler was due its annual service today, the engineer called to say he was 10 minutes away, 15 minutes later he wasn’t around, I could see a workers van pulled up in a distant car park, but no sign of an engineer. I thought he must be having trouble finding my house, so instead of waiting, I ventured out in search of my engineer. Found him wandering around rather lost, so rescued him and showed him where we lived so he could get on with the service quickly.

4th July – Not much today, sorted out a book review and sent off some e-mails to people thanking them for various matters.

5th July – Caught up with my Mum today. Had a cleaning and gardening blitz today, weeded a patch of shared pathway with a neighbours garden for a good deed. Felt good after I’d sorted the clutter, have a pile of books to pass to a friend and another ready for the charity shop.

6th July – Another beautiful day in paradise! Have been doing more de-cluttering and loaded my car up with items to give to others. Delivered a bag of books to one friend and stopped to catch up with all their news, dropped off clothes and more books to the charity collection bins at the supermarket. Was stopped on my way into the shop and asked to buy an extra item of grocery for the homeless in our area, so I picked up some juice along with the couple of items that I’d popped in for.

Hope all my readers have had a good week and have felt that they could do a Good Deed for someone else.

Good Deeds week 9th -15th June

Good deedsThis little project started on the 16th April when I read a book written by Judith O’Reilly called “A Year of Doing Good”. On the day I began the book, I started to note down any good deeds that I did for others as an experiment. I managed at least 1 deed a day until the end of April, so vowed to try and continue the challenge. Along the way I met Harula who took up the baton and now on a Sunday we both post our weekly diary of Good Deeds. Others are joining too, it’s such a positive thing to try to do. So without further ado here are my deeds for this week.

June 9th – Hopped to Harula’s blog today and read her very inspirational blog. Followed a link to the Happster blog and loved it for anyone seeking a dose of happiness. I love this meeting place that we are creating on a Sunday. E-mailed a friend to wish her well as she leaves her job this week.

June 10th – My morning helping out at the local school, took along an extra pair of hands today, so two of us helped out. Picked up litter on our way home. My guest author on the blog this morning wrote about falling in love with an asylum seeker and its difficulties, gave her some publicity. Was chuffed to see a copy of Fleet life with my monthly book reviews on the magazine table at the chiropractor clinic when I had an appointment today.

June 11th – A work day today, tried to do a bit extra work so my overworked colleague has a little less in her pile. Nipped into the supermarket in between taxi driving the children, was extra friendly to the check out girl after the customer before me was rather grumpy, put a smile back on her face.

June 12th – A slow day today and just a book to finish for a review. A bit frustrated because the “Like” button on all the WordPress pages I go to today is stuck on “loading….” Have tried to tweak my computer but it doesn’t help, it leaves me feeling incomplete, I should use the opportunity to write comments instead, but I don’t want to on all the sites, feeling a bit Bah Humbug!

June 13th – Started a new book and added the details to Goodreads as I couldn’t find it on their records, hopefully this will help the author with a bit more publicity. Posted reviews from yesterday’s  book. Hooray the “Like” button is back working again on my WordPress family sites, I’m back in action. Later I put some money in to a donation box at the shops.

June 14th – Remembered a friends birthday and wrote out a card, took it to the post box. I took a bag with me to put litter in but at first I felt really stupid about being seen picking up litter. I heard a car approaching so didn’t pick up the first piece, the second piece was too near a group of workmen for me to feel comfortable stooping down to pick up someone else’s rubbish. I berated myself as I passed the third piece, vowing to pick up the very next piece that I saw. I nearly missed it, but dived down at the last minute to remove a scrap of card. I held it tight like a trophy and walked on depositing it in the bin next to the post box. Triumphant I posted my letter and headed back home on a circular route avoiding the workmen. I scooped up four more pieces of litter and dropped them all in my wheelie bin as I arrived home, I felt more comfortable now with my good deed and I smiled to myself. Later I spent 2 hours trying to set up a new DVD recorder for my parents, it was complicated due to their “Freeview” box and the “easy, automatic setup” just wouldn’t work. Technical jargon confuses me and Google was no help as the lap top took too long to load. I tried but failed.

June 15th – It’s the “Power of Smile Day” according to the Happster blog (see above link), so I re-tweeted their post. Set up another post for a blog tour promotion as it coincided with a book I read today.

So what do you think? Is doing a good deed a day something positive which could bring happiness to all our lives? Can it make us a better person? Do we really stop and think about being grateful when others do good deeds for us? I know we will all have different perceptions of what a good deed is, but I think that stopping and thinking about them a little more can only be a good thing.