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Cathy has been reading A little Sugar, A lot of love by Linn B Halton

Katie has achieved her dream and Sweet Occasions, her bakery, is up and running. She is a skilled cake maker and specialises in amazing celebration cakes and delicious cupcakes. Katie and her partner, Steve, have been through a rough patch and Steve’s brush with death has changed him, their relationship is still on shaky ground. When Katie finds herself struggling to keep Sweet Occasions afloat, Steve comes to what he believes is the rescue with a business plan, taking the shop in a completely different, and not altogether welcome, direction. Katie is not motivated by money, enjoys being her own boss, loves her bakery and what she is doing. As long as she can make ends meet she’s happy.

‘I didn’t mean to be tough on you,’ he whispers, ‘but you worry me sometimes. I meant what I said this morning. I earn enough to keep us both. You don’t need to work and you certainly don’t need to work such long hours just to cover the overheads of that shop.’

I look up at him, trying my best not to let him see how his words hurt. Whether it’s the harsh appraisal of my ‘dream’, or the thought of being a kept woman, I’m not sure. What would I do at home all day? Sensing the emotions welling up inside me, Steve wraps his arms around my shoulders and gives me a gentle squeeze. 

Katie begins to question what it is she actually wants and the direction her life is taking. When a cold and wet refugee from the storm comes into the shop one day, Katie takes pity on him and offers dry clothes and food. He buys a Christmas cake for his grandmother which begins a couple of years of visits for special occasion cakes. Although each feel an attraction to the other neither believes it will lead anywhere even though there is a developing friendship.

Told mostly from the perspectives of the two main protagonists, whose stories invite you into their lives to share the highs and lows, thoughts and feelings, while getting to know and like them as the layers of their personalities are revealed. Two caring, thoughtful people trying to change their lives to bring in more happiness. The secondary characters have depth and are well-formed. Grace is fabulous, I love her strength and compassion, and the way the paranormal is incorporated. 

The story deals with life issues, not least learning that guilt and a feeling of obligation is not a good basis for a relationship. The results of a life threatening illness on that relationship, and the difficulties and loneliness of being a single dad after the end of a marriage, are also explored sympathetically. The writing has the warmth, emotion and feel good factor I’ve come to expect from Linn Halton. 

A very enjoyable, deliciously warm read.

My review is based on an ARC from the author and is reviewed for Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team. This does not influence/alter my opinion or the content of this review.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Under The Stars by @LinnBHalton #Spiritual #bookreview

Today’s review is from team member Cathy, she blogs at

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Cathy chose to read and review Under The Stars by Linn B Halton in conjunction with Brook Cottage Books

Under The Stars

My thanks to Linn Halton and Brook Cottage Books for sending a copy for review

Under The Stars is narrated in the first person from three perspectives; Katherine’s, Mark’s and James,’ each with their own titled chapters.

Katherine Dale is at a crossroads in her life, having just lost the job which has been her life for the last twenty-one years. Hoping to forge a new career as a writer she is nevertheless angry and frustrated to find herself in this position after her years of dedication to, and enjoyment in, her job. She lives in the beautiful Cotswolds with No. 4, her brilliantly named cat. Katherine is an enthusiastic and devoted follower of Mark Ainsley-Thomas, an acclaimed astrologer, and sets great store by her daily personalised horoscopes. When her forecasts begin to appear unclear and not what she’s used to, Katherine finds herself becoming confused and unable to plan efficiently. ‘Perhaps he’s not feeling his usual self, or perhaps the astrological signs are being purposely obtuse.’

Since the death of Mark’s agent of many years he has cause to regret signing with his new agent, Harriet, as he finds himself on the fame circuit, spending a lot of time away from home and not having enough time to spend working on his forecasts. Mark is uncomfortable with the way Harriet is controlling his life and trying to make him a celebrity as fame and money aren’t his driving force.

“I want to be famous for the accuracy and content of my forecasts, I want to help people who are struggling to find their way through some of life’s harsher moments. I feel that is my true and worthy destiny. But how do I explain that to someone like Harriet? The fact is, I don’t. Why? Because I’m a coward and she scares me to death.”

James Kingman is going through a bad patch. Losing his inheritance on a disastrous business venture, along with his long-term relationship has dented his confidence badly. ‘I was worried about meeting Mark face to face because the gallery wasn’t just a flop, it was a spectacular disaster.’ As Mark’s schedule becomes more impossible he needs a promising assistant astrologer and James fits the bill. He takes over Mark’s daily horoscope forecasts, still under the Mark Ainsley-Thomas banner, and settles into his new career. Until, that is, he receives irate emails questioning his/James’ forecasts.

BCBHostThe story revolves around the astrology aspect, giving it an interesting spin that works well. I like Linn Halton’s style of writing very much, and how she is able to get right into the minds of the characters, reflecting on love and relationships as well as anxieties and vulnerability. This is helped by the multiple points of view which is a good way to show differing reactions to events and situations. I love the relationship between Katherine and James and the fact they didn’t relate well to each other initially. All the characters are well-developed and engaging, I especially like old Jake, James’ neighbour, his story and the interaction between the two of them. Each of the main characters are at some sort of watershed and as their stories are woven together Linn Halton creates a well-balanced narrative that’s a pleasure to read.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Under The Stars by @LinnBHalton #bookreview

Today’s team book review is from Amanda, she blogs at

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Amanda chose to read and review Under The Stars by Linn B Halton in conjunction with Brook Cottage Books

Under The Stars



I really did enjoy this book it was a great fun read

Katherine is the main character i like her she made me smile she work very hard in her job .She could be a bit hard sometimes i felt she   strike fear in her work place but things do not seem to work out how she planed she now finds herself unemployed What she going to do now ?

She’s going to write a book. she goes to her houses in the Cotswolds with her cat, he called No. 4 which i like .she gets to work on her book she does it all on her computer she in to her stars signs  Mark the man that does the stars for the paper she feels so connected to him he never wrong he seem to be all way right he can really read her so well but now things are going wrong she no happy she inbox him or was it him?  I like how she join the local community I enjoyed reading about the writing group she join her life was now going well now soon things were going well she was becoming a local star she was enjoying it all but was she really you have to read to see what happens

I like James character he was so likeable  he was having a hard time his wife left him his dad had die he had not met his dad expectations they seem to be hanging over him but he got the chance to put things right He was ready for a change, so he takes a job writing the daily horoscope for Mark It’s was  going great, he loving it until Katherine starts sending complaints to his inbox she not happy with what he been writing i enjoy how they build up a relationship it was great to see just how we all read things so differently we get different view points on the horoscopes and life it makes a very enjoyable read will sparks fly can they be fall for each other what going to happen ?

You all got to read to see what happens it a great fun read packed with action a lovely story i like the writing style of this book it was so easy to read the story will just hook you it a fun read i love to check out my horoscope each day do you ?   Do you believe in them?

I read this book for Brook cottage tour as part of Rosie Amber book review team member i would to thank you for letting me read and review.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Cathy reviews Falling: Angels Among Us The Complete series by Linn B Halton

Today’s book review comes from Cathy, she blogs at


Cathy chose to read and review Falling: Angels Among Us The Complete Series by Linn B Halton


Book blurb
‘Ceri thinks she sees angels … everywhere. She struggles to keep separate what feels like two very different sides to her life. As a manager in an advertising company she’s been working with the gorgeous Alex for two years. The have a friendship based upon the image she portrays whilst she’s at work and it helps to keep her sane. One mad, crazy night spent sharing their secrets and a lot of wine result in them ending up in bed together and their relationship changes. When Alex explains that the reason he doesn’t date is because someone broke his heart, how can Ceri admit that she feels a deep connection to him?’

My review
Ceri is on a journey of self discovery and learning, of what her gift for helping people and sensing the presence of angels, mainly by intuition, really means. She knows she is different but she doesn’t realise her gift is her calling and she is destined to be alone. She and Alex are only meant to cross paths briefly, he to help her when she is in doubt, and then to both go their separate ways. Neither of them understand Ceri is not supposed to fall in love during this earthly existence…

Ceri’s task is to correct mistakes people make that may alter the course of their destined lives. It was easy to like and  empathise with her, and Alex, especially when I read the passages from his point of view. They both suffer dreadfully because they are not destined to be together. Ceri is compassionate, astute and very confused about her feelings for Alex. As she begins to learn who and what she is and awakens more and more to her psychic abilities, the spiritual and theological aspects are explored in-depth and are very interesting and fascinating. The story focuses quite heavily on this perspective as Ceri learns her true calling.

‘I have no idea exactly when I began seeing angels, but I can’t seem to remember a time when I couldn’t. It feels like it’s always been a part of my life. It’s as natural as breathing and, yes, there are times when I wish that wasn’t the case. I seriously doubt anyone would choose to get drawn into something they don’t really understand. Why would they?’

There is much development in Ceri and Alex’s relationship, as well as Ceri’s personal development, and as the two clash emotions run very high. Ceri must choose her path and either way, it’s not easy as she struggles with the powerful feelings between her and Alex. Should she heed what she now knows is her destiny, or choose to follow her heart?

Linn Halton’s writing style is fluid and easy to read, I was drawn in from the start. The story is filled with a multitude of emotions, highs and lows, and although the spiritual angle features throughout it’s not overwhelming and blends in well with the romance. There’s a lot to like and be drawn into in this book if you’re open to the otherworldly and metaphysical. I enjoyed exploring the premise there is more to this life than we think, and more beyond than is imaginable.

After initial misgivings (I’m not really into romantic fiction but this is more than a straight romance) I enjoyed reading this book a lot and give it a solid  four-star rating. The paranormal/spiritual aspect made it for me. Many thanks to J B Johnson at Brook Cottage Books for sending me an e-copy.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Sterna reviews Falling: Angels Among Us The Complete Series by Linn B Halton

Today’s book review comes from Sterna, she blogs at


Sterna chose to read and review Falling: Angels Among Us The Complete Series By Linn B Halton in conjunction with Brook Cottage Books


This review is on behalf of Brook Cottage Books.

This is the first book I have read by Linn, so I was not familiar with her or her writing style, and at first I was a little confused about the genre the book was placed in, but after reading the complete series, I was pleasantly surprised.

In the first chapter we meet Ceri, and her brother Seb and we are told that they are twins, though very different and that they value their individual identities. Seb is practical and Ceri is more creative. We are also told that though they are close, Seb does not believe that Ceri really sees angels, and the boundaries of their relationship are set from the start.

We also meet Alex, her work colleague, and though they get along great, the relationship is strictly professional. They’re a great team, and after becoming friends and after Alex is introduced to the other side of Ceri’s life, their relationship changes and things get complicated.

… she’s altered one hundred-and-thirty-one lives – and I found myself wondering as to what exactly it is that she does … and at the end of chapter two she makes it a little clearer, and you’re left even more curious about Ceri’s story.

I like the characters, they are all real and you can connect with them, and the back story is beautifully blended, I would love to read Sheena’s story of finding love as well.

The relationship between Ceri and Alex are different from other romance novels, so don’t expect a fantasy novel filled with pulse racing love scenes, roses and dusty sunsets. For those interested and open-minded it reads like a personal journal filled with details and facts about another world, another world so real that the book definitely had me thinking outside the box and will stay with me for a long time to come.

It has a completely unexpected ending! And though it leaves you with a million questions, it’s still happy and warm and you have the distinct feeling that everything worked out exactly the way it was supposed to.

It’s a beautifully written story about real love, loss and life. And whether you believe or you don’t, this book will surely leave you at least wondering about the possibilities. And I will definitely be reading more from the author.

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