Wednesday Wing…..Let’s Talk About Libraries #wwwblogs

Wednesday Wing is a series of posts where we look at books from the POV of the reader.

Rosie's Notebook

Let’s talk about Libraries.

Local libraries are dying out.

Reading Original

In the last year I think I have visited Fleet library just three times. On each occasion I have headed for the upstairs non-fiction section. Before I began reviewing I was a regular visitor devouring all the shelves of their books. I’ve always liked to read, as a child we lived in the countryside and had a mobile library van come and visit once every two weeks. I was lucky enough to be able to introduce my kids to the magical experience of the library bus (as they called it) when we visited their Grandparents. There’s nothing like standing at the dis-used official bus stop watching the vehicle containing dreams and adventure driving down the road and stopping just for you.

Now it’s over to you, tell me about your local library, your own experiences at libraries or a favourite library around the world.

Or tell me about new community libraries, for instance, when ever I go to see friends I take a stack of books for them to choose any they might want to read. I’m my own mobile library!