The Birr Elixir by Jo Sparkes

The Birr ElixirThe Birr Elixir by Jo Sparkes

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The Birr Elixir is book one in the Legend of Gamesmen series. It is a fantasy with several themes going on which will pan out further in later books. Tryst is a Prince who must set out on a coming of age journey into manhood called a epourney. He must travel the realm to learn about the people and the land before he can become their leader.

Marra works in a potions shop. Sadly Mistress Britta died before her studies were complete, but she can still learn from Britta’s book. Treated badly by Britta’s brother, Marra is rescued from the shop by Drail.

Drail is a Gamesman. He and his team play a fast ball game called Comet. Britta becomes their Brista, a potion maker. She brews a potion to give them strength before their games. The Gamesmen travel the country playing matches and hope to be able to enter the Solstice Championships in Port Leet.

When Drail rescued Marra, they also found a heavily drugged man, they took him with them. He slept for days before Marra could awaken him. The mystery man, realises he’s been kidnapped and must find a way to return to the Great Continent. His chance comes when Drail and his team earn the Mark of Health Tatoo and can board a ship travelling away from the Wavering Continent.

This is a well thought out fantasy world and the game of comet is fascinating. I look forward to reading the next book and finding out where it leads the characters.

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