Two Books to inspire Kindness and Friendship in Young Children by Hilary Hawkes

Stories For Feelings
Stories for Feelings for Children is a short story book suitable to be read to English Primary school children. There are seven stories written with the intention of inspiring thoughts about ourselves, our abilities and our choices. Quick easy reads. Adding pictures to the stories would be the one addition I would like to see.
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The Friendship Adventure
The Friendship Adventure is a guide for teachers of English primary schools and children’s groups. Aimed at 7-11 year olds it links to stories from The Strawberry Jam teaching books and offers fourteen lesson guides and suggested activities in developing kindness, friendship and understanding amongst children.
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25 Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Saying a Word

An absolute “Must read”

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25 Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Saying a Word

by  Winifred M. Reilly

mature married couple

Recently, on a cross-country flight, my husband and I were seated on opposite sides of the aisle. Several times, he leaned toward me to ask, “Would you like a bite of my sandwich?” “Can I get you some water?” Once he offered to share the last bite of his cookie. A while later, he reached over and put his hand my arm, just to say, “Hi.”

At the end of the flight the woman next to me said, “Your husband really loves you. I can tell.”

And she’s right. He does.

As couples, we express love through our everyday actions — our gestures of kindness, our generosity, our attention, our touch.

We say, “Drive safely.” “Take an umbrella.” We kiss each other goodnight.

And our spouse hears,”I love you,” in a way that touches more…

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