A Free Book on Kindle “Beer Goggles” by Sean Flynn

Hi readers, I just wanted to let you know that “Beer Goggles” by Sean Flynn is going FREE today and across the weekend on Amazon. I recently reviewed this book and I loved the British Humour. Please support Sean and download his book, thanks.
Beer GogglesBeer Goggles by Sean Flynn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a very funny look at a couple of British blokes who don’t mind laughing at themselves. They embark on an innocent day trip which gets more complicated as their day evolves. I loved the way the author gives you tiny pieces of information or characters which all get tied together nearer the end. Dave and Travis find themselves embroiled in a murder case when all they set out to do was pick up a set of golf clubs. The comedy of errors that follows is true British humour dosed with some strong language which may offend a few readers, but fits with the style of the book. This book was going to be a 4 star, but by the end I’d fallen in love with the characters and I’m going to give it 5 stars.

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A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde

Today’s review is from one of my brilliant young book reviewers who has been doing a bit of pre college reading, let us know what you think of Louise’s review.

‘A Woman of No Importance’ – Oscar Wilde

Rating: 4.5/5

This play, which is perhaps one of Wilde’s most famous works and was first staged in 1893, is set in the late 19th century. Based on the fanciful, diamond-dripping upper glass of London, the play explores the attitudes and ideas towards relationships and gender, from the view-point of men and women, as well as traditional Victorian morals and values. Throughout the play, the society’s immoralities are exposed, until one particularly secret secret is revealed, changing the life of the protagonists forever.

I am required to study this play as part of my AS-level English Literature course. At first, I was sceptical; I have always hated reading plays because I find it so hard to flit between sets and scenes and characters and events without forgetting key information; I just get too lost! However, with only 4 scenes this play was perfect in length and in location; just a few different sets and scenes made it very simple for me to follow the whereabouts of the characters. Also, there were few stage directions which allowed me to really get engrossed in the language of the characters, rather than in their layout, and left the finer details of the setting up for interpretation; my imagination was free to roam! Furthermore, the outrageous opinions of many of the female characters kept me fascinated, and I couldn’t help but smile at their offensive, hypocritical and incredibly cynical views on romance and relationships; the characters were truly memorable, and I loved this about the play. I also enjoyed how the whereabouts of certain characters were mentioned, but never actually seen; this added mystery to a witty and wonderful piece.

Overall, I found it hard to find anything at fault with this play, but in the end it came down to personal opinion: whilst the play was engaging, endearing and outrageous, to me I would still rather read a book, as I continued to find it harder to follow the plot than I would with a novel. However, this was one of the first plays I have ever really enjoyed, with the final line having a true impact; this play was unforgettable!


When I checked it was free to download to Kindle from Amazon.­­­

Guest Author Robyn Oyeniyi

Today my guest author is Robyn Oyeniyi, who has an interesting story behind her book. Please join me in welcoming Robyn.

I hope you may consider my book interesting!

1)       Tell me your name   Robyn Oyeniyi

2) Where do you live?    Melbourne, Australia with my wonderful husband and four noisy step-children from Nigeria.

3)When did you start writing?     On and off for years, but this is the first time I have published a book. I’ve written articles for professional and hobby journals in the past and write technical manuals – very dry and boring stuff! Our story is important. Civil Rights is important. Human Rights is important. So I wrote.

4)What type of books do you like writing the most? My published book is a memoir. Now I am writing a science fiction piece. Defining my sci-fi characters is fun, much more fun that writing about government bureaucrats in my memoir.

5)Pass on 3 tips about writing or publishing. 1) Edit until you just can’t face reading it one more time, then get an editor. 2) Network. 3) Believe in your work.

6)What was the last book that you read? How would you rate it? I haven’t read anything for ages – fighting the government doesn’t leave a lot of time. However I have three books on my side-table that I am going to start every night. One has to read in order to write, but life has been more hectic than I ever bargained for.

7)Now choose just one of your books and add a link to it. Love versus Goliath http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17342811-love-versus-goliath or information page on my website: http://teamoyeniyi.com/to-buy-love-versus-goliath/

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Kind regards




Guest author Melissa LeGette

Please welcome Melissa to the blog today and join me in showing your appreciation by reading her replies to my guest author questions.

Hi Rosie! This is a brilliant idea.
Here are my answers.

1) Tell me your name

M.L. LeGette, but feel free to call me Melissa.

2) Where do you live?

Washington, GA, USA. It’s a little town.

3)When did you start writing?

I can’t say for sure what my exact age was, but I’m pretty sure I was 6-9 when I started writing for fun.

4)What type of books do you like writing the most?

Fantasy. Fantasy is my comfort zone. Fantasy has always been my favourite to read. I love creating kingdoms and countries with old-world England vibe. I write what I love to read, which would generally fit under the children to YA categories.

5)Pass on 3 tips about writing or publishing.

  • Revise. Multiple times. Rewriting your work is the best way to improve. It’s hard and at times super annoying, but spending time revising helps you and your story tremendously. Think of it as rehearsal for the concert. If you don’t practice for the big opening night, do you expect to do well? Of course not! So why not treat your book with the same respect.
  • Though it is tempting, I don’t recommend choosing to write a topic only because it is the hip genre and getting lots of buzz. Most likely you will always be behind and on the downward slope of the craze. Instead, write the story that is in your brain and in your heart, even if it’s off-key with mainstream fiction. And if that story happens to be dystopian (for example) then you get an added bonus!
  • It’s important to listen to what critiques and readers say about your work — it’s another way to improve. Sometimes you won’t like what you hear, but try to listen. However, ‘listen’ does not mean ‘do’. Writers always have the final say. We rule the universe we’ve created. Follow your gut feeling and your voice, but keep your ears open to reactions and thoughts. You’ll find some of them to be glistening lumps of gold.

6)What was the last book that you read? How would you rate it?

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. It’s a brilliantly fun book. Without a doubt 5 stars.

7)Now choose just one of your books and add a link to it.

The Unicorn Girl. http://www.amazon.com/The-Unicorn-Girl-ebook/dp/B001FSJ48U/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1363879221&sr=8-2&keywords=unicorn+girl


The Unicorn Girl

Thank you so much for making this feature available! It was great fun!


Unicorn Girl will be available as a FREE kindle download Saturday 25th May – 27th May.

Saving Jackie K by L.D.C. Fitzgerald

Saving Jackie KSaving Jackie K by L.D.C. Fitzgerald I recently hosted a book boost for this book during my AtoZ Challenge, so when I saw it as a free download on kindle I jumped at the chance to read a genre which challenges me.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was a difficult read for me because my English history education didn’t cover any of the Kennedy era of America. I recognised some of the names of the main players, but knew little about them. I got a bit bogged down with the science too, but once I’d got my head around the fact that the story involved true facts and characters with the fiction I let it flow over me and focused on the well written story line. There is lots of action as scientists travel back 50 years to change to past and thus the future. Sci-fi and fast paced action packed fans will probably love this.


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“Y” AtoZ Challenge- You Wish

As the end of this brilliant challenge draws ever nearer todays letter is “Y”.

You Wish by Terry Tyler, who you may remember featured very early on with the letter “D” for Dream On, here is a link to the post in case you missed it http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-hq

Today Terry returns with another of her books. If you want to catch up with an author interview of Terry click over to http://www.cynthiaharrison.com/?p=5590 Cindy’s blog.

PLEASE don’t forget, that as part of the challenge we are asking visitors to leave comments. Thank you.

Do we control our own destiny – or might it be determined by fate,
coincidence, luck…or even magic?

Ruth, an amateur psychic with a husband who smokes cannabis for breakfast, is haunted by a tragic event from her teenage years which, she suspects, was the result of a wish she made on an allegedly enchanted stone. Too embarrassed to admit her fears, she keeps her secret to herself for twenty-five years.

Petra is the perennial singleton amongst her friends, unable, she thinks, to fall in love. She comes across the stone at a Psychic Fair and makes a wish, just for fun. As the wish begins to come true she wishes she had chosen her words with more care.

Spoilt, weight-obsessed Sarah wants nothing more than to be “size zero”. As her life spirals downwards into the seedy world of drug abuse and addiction, she remembers the day at the Psychic Fair when she wished for her heart’s desire.

When Ruth learns of the fates of Petra and Sarah she is forced to confront her guilt and discover the truth about the Wishing Stone…

Terry Tyler’s debut novel is a quirky contemporary drama exploring the themes of family affairs, infidelity and guilt, incorporating jealousy, drug abuse and the obsession of a Facebook stalker, against a backdrop of secrets and superstition.

Here are Terry’s behind the scenes notes about her book;
You Wish… is about whether or not our lives are shaped by destiny, fate or our own personal choice – or if sometimes there might be mystical forces at work!  This is illustrated in a very down to earth way, though, in the stories of Petra (the girl who thinks she’ll never fall in love), Sarah (a spoilt ‘princess’ who is obsessed with getting to Size Zero) – and Ruth, a wife, mother and distinctly reluctant fortune-teller, whose own story, taking us back to the 1980s, links them all.

Many of my readers tell me they love reading about Petra’s growing obsession with Jay – and cringe away as they read it.  Haven’t we all, at some point, wanted to say to a friend, “Look, face it, he’s just not that into you, leave him alone, you’re making fool of yourself”?  Self obsessed Sarah was terrific fun to write – so many people have told me that they’ve hated her but loved reading about her!

One readers thoughts on the book were;

Just got a Kindle in my Christmas stocking and took the plunge with this offering by Terry Tyler. What a good choice! It held my interest from beginning to end with a very credible plot. The author expertly jogs the teenage memories of those of us of a certain age with lots of clever references to the fashions and fads of our yesterdays. I found myself thinking about the book between sessions and looking forward to the next read which surely is the sign of a ripping yarn. I’ll certainly be reading the next one.

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God Bless “The Sink Angel”

A free draining bathroom sink really is a thing to be appreciated. Regular followers of my blog know that 2 weeks ago under “Serious Stats” I wrote about my misfortunes with my blocked sink.

Well for another 2 weeks we have tried all sorts of things (Except the obvious, getting in a plumber), the sink has drained slowly, pathetically and not at all. So this weekend my “To Do List” had just 2 items on it. SORT SINK being the most important.

I have discovered that my role in this household is much more than I thought. My moods, motivation, enthusiasm or laziness affect the rest of the family. I watched almost as a visitor the change in the family as I swung into a serious amount of cleaning, tidying and de-cluttering. With only a bit of chivvying on Saturday, off went my husband to the local DIY store for a long drain cleaner. He had minimal success with a fair bit of huffing and puffing. But I continued with my enthusiasm, suggesting a pressure hose (No we wont go there again! Check out my “Just for laughs blog”) and I went to bed sending a little request for a sink angel to whisper advice into my husband’s ear.

Sunday morning, with the sink now totally blocked my husband returned to the DIY store without any nagging for a longer sink cleaner pipe, and Voila! the blockage was removed. A huge hair ball, bigger than any cat could produce seemed to be the problem. Thank-you, Thank-you all good Angels!

Meanwhile I’m  deep into reading “Stress Proof Your Life” By Elisabeth Wilson. Available FREE on Kindle. Perhaps I should lend it to my husband to read! It does talk a lot of sense.

Super Thursday

Today is Super Thursday for Authors and Publishers as over 220 hardback books are released for the pre-Christmas rush. Many are autobiographies from the celebrity crowd including, Cheryl Cole, David Walliams and Rod Stewart. Gary Liniker was interviewed on Breakfast TV this morning about his book full of facts and fun from his football life.

Just don’t forget to buy my book “Talk of the Playground” on Kindle, when you’re doing your Christmas shop!!!




Sat here watching the opening ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics. The show is once again spectacular. I hope it does much to promote and inspire disabled athletes from across the world.

Had our own mini olympics today; there was the marathon monopoly game, weight-lifting 5 baskets loads of washing! The sprint – to get the washing off the line when it started to rain and the decathlon of household activities that we have undertaken.

Downloaded another flurry of free books to my kindle, I never believed I would be a convert as I love holding a real book, but I’m becoming an addict!

Going to get back to the opening ceremony now.