X by Jack Croxall

XX by Jack Croxall

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What would any of us do if our lives were turned completely upside-down? Imagine if in a matter of two months you lost all your family and friends and you were left to fend for yourself. Just how feral would we all go?

This is what happens to 15 year old “X”. Hidden in a cellar in rural England she writes the last few days of her existence in a journal for someone else to find. Once she had a Mum, a Dad, a Sister, a boy she liked at school and an ordinary life. Now she must scavenge for food, water and protection. She is alone and knows her days are numbered.

In just a few pages we meet “X” we read about what her life has become, how she copes and what she knows will happen. Jack Croxall has written a very dramatic short story which may leave you asking yourself just what you would have done in the same situation.

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