Rosie’s #BookReview Of #YoungAdult #SciFi JEREMIAH JERICHO: Book One: Allowance by Azariah Scott

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4 stars

Jeremiah Jericho is book one of a young adult science fiction series that is set in America.

When Jeremiah turned sixteen, a computer chip in his brain activated. It allowed him to see the true thoughts and feelings of people around him; he could even manipulate other’s emotions. There was also a voice in his head which spoke to him; a sort of human computer called Christopher.

With the help of Christopher, Jeremiah learnt that his father once took part in a government experiment using the chip. When his father died he had the chip implanted in Jeremiah; he hoped that Jeremiah could one day use it to help others. However, it would appear that the government will do anything to get the chip back.

I was very impressed with how this author wrote the character of Jeremiah; he felt like a real sixteen-year-old navigating school and home life in New York City. As he came to terms with the voice in his head and sought answers about it, the pace of the story picked up. There was a complex plot with a lot of characters, and added to this were the conversations that Jeremiah had with more than one voice inside his head; at times I did find it hard to keep abreast of who he was speaking to and exactly what was going on.

Overall, I thought that the author brought a fresh story to the young adult genre. There were a couple of times when I didn’t quite believe in a plot point but these were fairly minor and could be overlooked to enjoy the main theme of the novel.

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Book description

Jeremiah just turned 16 and found out that he inherited something from his dead father: a computer chip embedded in his brain. The chip gives him the ability to hack other people’s minds. The problem starts with an additional voice in his head from the chip, then his family’s hidden issues come to the surface, and, of course, the government wants the chip back under their control. All the things a teenager doesn’t want to be bothered with. Jeremiah has to make a choice to be either the better person his dad was trying to get him to be or just shrug it off and be as he wants to be, unbothered.

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53094906. sx318 sy475